Log for: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage DE

Drivetrain: 1.2 L, 5-speed

  Fuel log graph
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2017-06-01 356 mi
572.93 km
7.359 gal (US)
27.86 L
6.13 gal (Imp)
2.299 48.4 mpg (US)
58.1 mpg (Imp)
4.9 L/100 km
20.6 km/L
This was after my first oil change. Not sure if its the weather or oil change but this is probably the most I've had with a full tank of gas. My average commute was between 60-62mph as well. Turned on the AC a couple times as well. Didn't do too many small road driving as well.
2017-05-22 327 mi
526.26 km
7.229 gal (US)
27.36 L
6.02 gal (Imp)
2.259 45.2 mpg (US)
54.3 mpg (Imp)
5.2 L/100 km
19.2 km/L
Opened the windows on a few occasions on the highway. average speed was 65-70mph as well. Also, changed the oil! Currently at 20,120 miles.
2017-05-15 346 mi
556.83 km
7.341 gal (US)
27.79 L
6.11 gal (Imp)
16 47.1 mpg (US)
56.6 mpg (Imp)
5.0 L/100 km
20.0 km/L
Lasted me about 8 days worth of commuting! Not bad at all. Weather got much warmer and I decided to open the windows on my drive home from work. Gotta say, I love how much gas this car saves. Pretty sure it'd easily get 400-430 miles on a full tank of gas IF the tank of gas to 10 gallons.
2017-05-08 216.7 mi
348.74 km
5.457 gal (US)
20.66 L
4.54 gal (Imp)
2.199 39.7 mpg (US)
47.7 mpg (Imp)
5.9 L/100 km
16.9 km/L
Refilled when I was at the last bar. I think I could have easily gotten another 30 miles out of the tank. This tank was just a a weekend refill. Average speed was 68-70mph as well.
2017-05-03 342 mi
550.4 km
7.266 gal (US)
27.5 L
6.05 gal (Imp)
2.159 47.1 mpg (US)
56.5 mpg (Imp)
5.0 L/100 km
20.0 km/L
Average highway speed was 60-63mph. Weather is much warmer than it was a month ago. Rotated the tires. One tire seems to have a 'cupping' issue. Small vibrations.
2017-04-10 342 mi
550.4 km
7.255 gal (US)
27.46 L
6.04 gal (Imp)
2.259 47.1 mpg (US)
56.6 mpg (Imp)
5.0 L/100 km
20.0 km/L
Gas mileage greatly improves with warmer weather. I just switched onto some 'heavier' 15 wheels near the end of this tank as well.
2017-04-03 327.6 mi
527.22 km
7.304 gal (US)
27.65 L
6.08 gal (Imp)
2.259 44.9 mpg (US)
53.9 mpg (Imp)
5.2 L/100 km
19.1 km/L
During this tank, I drove a bit over 200 miles, round trip, to visit my brother-in-law at college. Average speed was about 70-75mph. The mpg gauge was telling me I was getting getting between 41-43 mpg. Not bad!

Seems like with the weather warming up, the engine is getting much better fuel.
2017-03-20 328 mi
527.86 km
7.422 gal (US)
28.1 L
6.18 gal (Imp)
2.159 44.2 mpg (US)
53.1 mpg (Imp)
5.3 L/100 km
18.8 km/L
Average speed was 62-65 mph commuting during the work week. There were a maybe 1 or 2 times where I was traveling at 70mph for about 5 miles.

Temperature is getting a bit warmer as well. Seems like the car gets much better gas mileage once it's above freezing temps.
2017-02-27 309.7 mi
498.41 km
7.468 gal (US)
28.27 L
6.22 gal (Imp)
2.259 41.5 mpg (US)
49.8 mpg (Imp)
5.7 L/100 km
17.6 km/L
Seems like I'm getting better gas mileage when the temps are in the mid 40s to low 60s. I was getting really good fuel until weather decided to go below freezing.

average hwy speed: 65mph

90% highway, 10% small roads
2017-02-09 294 mi
473.15 km
7.163 gal (US)
27.11 L
5.96 gal (Imp)
2.199 41.0 mpg (US)
49.3 mpg (Imp)
5.7 L/100 km
17.5 km/L
Average Temperature = mid 20s (f)

Filled up Feb 1st, 2017. Refill date is today, Feb. 10th. I didn't drive much but this tank, I did drive much faster than usual. There were maybe 2 days, driving home from work, I was going with traffic at 70-75mph for a several miles. My average highway speed was definitely in the high 60's as well. Still, 9 days without filling her up, not too bad.

"Safe" to say that when the gas light blinks, I'm assuming the car has roughly 1.75 gallons left of gas as well. Could have easily done another 30 miles but I don't want the fuel pump to over work.
2017-02-02 303.8 mi
488.92 km
7.368 gal (US)
27.89 L
6.13 gal (Imp)
2.239 41.2 mpg (US)
49.6 mpg (Imp)
5.7 L/100 km
17.5 km/L
Average speed on highway is roughly 65-70mph. Weather is averaging mid-low 20s. I do let the car warm up for 3 minutes before & after work.

Oil Change on Jan 28th 2017. First oil change of 2017! Car has 13,141 miles on it.
2017-01-24 304 mi
489.24 km
7.024 gal (US)
26.59 L
5.85 gal (Imp)
2.329 43.3 mpg (US)
52.0 mpg (Imp)
5.4 L/100 km
18.4 km/L
average speed was between 62-65. There was maybe 2-3 times where I was driving 70-75 mph. Average weather temp was about mid-high 20s. Pretty 'warm' for this time of year.
2017-01-09 288.7 mi
464.62 km
7.052 gal (US)
26.69 L
5.87 gal (Imp)
2.369 40.9 mpg (US)
49.2 mpg (Imp)
5.7 L/100 km
17.4 km/L
1/5/17 to 1/9/17

Lots of driving this past weekend. Highway speeds were averaging 70-75mph. Temps are averaging about -5 to 5 degrees (f). As always, I let the car warm up for 3 minutes. Car is left in garage overnight as well.
2017-01-05 269 mi
432.91 km
7.025 gal (US)
26.59 L
5.85 gal (Imp)
2.379 38.3 mpg (US)
46.0 mpg (Imp)
6.1 L/100 km
16.3 km/L
1st pump of the year!
Didn't drive it too much the past several days. The days I did drive it, I let it warm up for 3 minutes. Yes, I was sitting in my car with the timer on my phone. So far, no effects. Especially with the weather we have right now. Today's windchill is -15 degrees (f). It's been about 10-15 degrees the past few days, probably before Chirstmas as well.

As for the gas mileage, I'm not surprised as the additional idle every morning to work does eat up a bit more gas as well. All tires are currently at 38 psi as well. It's due for an oil change soon.

Note: 12,000 miles on January 2, 2017!

Black Ice driving review:
She still drives amazingly well. We got black ice on Tuesday (1/3/17). Not much you can do on black ice but the TC responds really well when it senses the car is loosing traction and whenever the car feels like it is going to spin out, it automatically corrects itself. You can hear the ABS working, the car aggressively trying to correct itself to not spin out as well. Amazing feature to have to help those that need it. I like the TC off.
2016-12-19 289 mi
465.1 km
7.045 gal (US)
26.67 L
5.87 gal (Imp)
2.129 41.0 mpg (US)
49.2 mpg (Imp)
5.7 L/100 km
17.4 km/L
Average temperature has been -10 for the past week. It's been very cold. I usually start the car up and let her 'warm up' for about 5 minutes. She doesn't hesitate to start up! But I can definitely see this cold weather effecting gas mileage. All tires at 35 psi as well. Of course, with the extra time it takes to warm up, it does eat up more fuel. So, no surprise there.

Other than that, it's handling the snow very well.
2016-12-03 225.7 mi
363.23 km
5.13 gal (US)
19.42 L
4.27 gal (Imp)
1.949 44.0 mpg (US)
52.9 mpg (Imp)
5.4 L/100 km
18.7 km/L
I'm actually really satisfied with this one. Average speed on the highway was 70-75mph. There were a few harsh accelerations as well. This was from 11/28 to 12/3. Much higher speeds than usual with this tank. Also, snow is here, finally. Currently, it is 30 degrees (f).
2016-11-18 247 mi
397.51 km
6.781 gal (US)
25.67 L
5.65 gal (Imp)
1.959 36.4 mpg (US)
43.7 mpg (Imp)
6.5 L/100 km
15.5 km/L
filled up on 11/10 and refilled at 11/18.

average speed was 65-68 mph. 90% highway, 10% small roads. The weekend of 11/12 and 11/13, I had to drive into downtown for a photoshoot. Did a good hour or 2 driving on small roads.
2016-11-14 328.4 mi
528.51 km
6.955 gal (US)
26.33 L
5.79 gal (Imp)
1.979 47.2 mpg (US)
56.7 mpg (Imp)
5.0 L/100 km
20.1 km/L
from 11/7 to 11/14

average speed was 65-70 mph for my commute to work and home. Pretty impressive. Horrible but I have not checked my air pressure in my tires yet. It's getting to low-mid 30's degrees Fahrenheit in Minnesota now. Also should note that during the "cold morning" start ups, I have the car on for about 5 minutes (yes, I am in the car) and then do the usual commute.

Car has about 9,4xx miles on it now.
2016-11-05 327 mi
526.26 km
7.206 gal (US)
27.28 L
6 gal (Imp)
2.099 45.4 mpg (US)
54.5 mpg (Imp)
5.2 L/100 km
19.3 km/L
Average speed was 65mph on the highway.

80% highway
20% small roads. Of these small roads, there was probably 2-3 harsh accelerations. Also note, there I ran into lots of traffic during this tank as well.
2016-10-31 327 mi
526.26 km
7.322 gal (US)
27.72 L
6.1 gal (Imp)
2.049 44.7 mpg (US)
53.6 mpg (Imp)
5.3 L/100 km
19.0 km/L
Average highway speed was 63-65mph for work commute. 85% highway, 15% small roads. Maybe 2 or 3 hard accelerations during this.

Changed oil with AMSoil 0W-20 at 8200 miles.Much needed oil change.
2016-10-14 339 mi
545.57 km
7.622 gal (US)
28.85 L
6.35 gal (Imp)
2.099 44.5 mpg (US)
53.4 mpg (Imp)
5.3 L/100 km
18.9 km/L
90% highway, 10% small road. There was maybe 2-3 times I was driving around 70-75mph for a good mile or 2. Not sure if that affected the gas mileage. Overall, really well. It only took $16 even to fill her up! Car currently has about 7,8xx miles on it. It's due for an oil change!
2016-10-02 347 mi
558.44 km
6.946 gal (US)
26.29 L
5.78 gal (Imp)
2.159 50.0 mpg (US)
60.0 mpg (Imp)
4.7 L/100 km
21.2 km/L
90% highway, 10% small roads. Highway speeds were between 60-63 mph. It only took $15 for a full tank of gas! !
2016-09-19 326 mi
524.65 km
6.67 gal (US)
25.25 L
5.55 gal (Imp)
2.299 48.9 mpg (US)
58.7 mpg (Imp)
4.8 L/100 km
20.8 km/L
whoa! is my gas mileage getting better? The car sat for 2 weeks because of my 2 week vacation. Drove the car around town because I miss driving! There were 2 hard accelerations. But other than that, more than satisfied about gas savings. I refilled right when it changed to the last bar. I believe I would have gotten EASILY another 40 miles on it.

Current mileage on the car: 5,540
2016-09-02 337 mi
542.35 km
7.26 gal (US)
27.48 L
6.04 gal (Imp)
2.339 46.4 mpg (US)
55.8 mpg (Imp)
5.1 L/100 km
19.7 km/L
I had to do several harsh acclerations during this tank of gas. All traffic related. 90% of the time, I drove on the highway at 65mph. AC was on about 80% of the time. Overall, still pretty satisfying that it only takes about $17 to fill it up!
2016-08-16 306 mi
492.46 km
7.42 gal (US)
28.09 L
6.18 gal (Imp)
2.289 41.2 mpg (US)
49.5 mpg (Imp)
5.7 L/100 km
17.5 km/L
Drove it harder than usual. And did a couple 80 mile round trips in ONE day. Average highway speed was 70-75mph. I first filled it up on 8/10.

has about 4,1xx miles on it now!
2016-07-29 366 mi
589.02 km
7.55 gal (US)
28.58 L
6.29 gal (Imp)
2.119 48.5 mpg (US)
58.2 mpg (Imp)
4.9 L/100 km
20.6 km/L
7/24 Sunday - drove 90 miles in one day! Also, drove pretty moderate. I put in Holiday Gas Station 89 Octane gas. I'm not seeing much difference from 92 to 89. From my butt-dyno, 92 had just a VERY small increase in acceleration on to the highway.

About 90% of the time, I did engine-braking coming to stops. Maybe it's just me but it seems like doing engine-braking (downshifting coming towards stops) sucks up just a hint more gas. I refilled 7/29. I love driving. Also, during this, I did go for a small cruise around town. Still, for the way I drove it, I'm really enjoying it still.

**FIRST OIL CHANGE! since I got it brand new. Right over 3,000 miles now. See how the gas is now. lol.
2016-07-24 315 mi
506.94 km
6.514 gal (US)
24.66 L
5.42 gal (Imp)
2.149 48.4 mpg (US)
58.1 mpg (Imp)
4.9 L/100 km
20.6 km/L
From 7/16/2016 to this refill date, the weather was VERY hot. I had the AC on all the time from my commuting. Driving-wise, I did drive much faster on my commute, averaging 70mph. After work, as usual, roughly 60% of the drive is during rush hour, ranging from about 10-30 mph drives and slight declines. Accelerating to 60-65 mph definitely eats up gas but definitely not as much as I thought it would. I'm very happy seeing that I would never have gotten this much driving in my old car, an 2002 Nissan Maxima.
2016-07-08 347 mi
558.44 km
7.424 gal (US)
28.1 L
6.18 gal (Imp)
2.189 46.7 mpg (US)
56.2 mpg (Imp)
5.0 L/100 km
19.9 km/L
Driving from work and home. According to google maps, it is a 43 mile round trip. For some reason, I've been averaging high 60s to low 70s to get that first bar out on my gas gauge. No complaints there!
2016-06-25 325 mi
523.04 km
7.809 gal (US)
29.56 L
6.5 gal (Imp)
2.599 41.6 mpg (US)
50.0 mpg (Imp)
5.7 L/100 km
17.7 km/L
this was the first fill up date since I got it from the dealership. only had about 50 miles on it!

Got the car on 6-20-2016. full tank of gas, i believe it was filled up with 87 octane. my commute to work and home is a total of about roughly 45 miles. Last week, it was hot and I had the AC blasting the cold air at me. AC is definitely factor in mpg.