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Thread: Mirage Audio/Stereo Install/Removal and Audio Wiring Schematic

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    Quote Originally Posted by aydu View Post
    Does anybody know what wiring harness is needed for the '14 Mirage?

    Metra lists 70-7005 as compatible.

    The Mirages come with the standard radio and the navigation unit. I'd guess the harness in the car is the same for both?

    Metra does not list a reverse harness for the Mirage, which would enable installation of an amp to the factory head unit, without cutting or splicing any factory wiring.

    Anybody that has replaced their radio/nav unit have any insight into what connectors come out of the factory radio/nav unit and what wiring harness is used to connect to the car's wiring?
    Metra lists 70-7005 & 71-7005 as harnesses compatible with the Mirage - at least the 2015, anyway.


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    This thread is no good as there are no more pictures for reference. I've noticed a couple of other threads the same.

    I wonder if there's some program out there that will check for pics in threads? It might so much time or bandwidth to be of no use.

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