View Poll Results: What's the status of your Mirage's rear axle?

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  • Rear axle replaced under warranty; new axle within specs

    8 20.51%
  • Rear axle replaced under warranty; alignment is still off

    3 7.69%
  • Waiting for warranty replacement axle

    8 20.51%
  • Axle temporarily or permanently aligned with DIY fix

    4 10.26%
  • Rear alignment inspected & deemed within specs by dealer

    18 46.15%
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Thread: Rear Wheel Misaligned? (UPDATE: some rear axles out of spec; warranty replacement)

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    Also, speaking on the new used car with tires..I know there is a known issue here, but I always replaced 2 tires when I worked in a shop in used cars

    2018 mirage ES manual


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    Quote Originally Posted by Timinator View Post
    ...I always replaced 2 tires when I worked in a shop in used cars
    There's nothing wrong with replacing tires in pairs. The question what mileage were the tires replaced...and more importantly...why did they need to be replaced...especially if the mileage was really low?

    When CarMax gets a car from a trade-in or an auction, they will replace any tires below a minimum tread depth. They always seem to have a significant percentage of low-mileage Mirages (under 20K miles) where they have had to install a new pair of tires on the car. The OEM Mirage tires aren't the best...but they aren't that bad, either. Tires shouldn't wear out on a properly-aligned Mirage in 10K-20K miles.

    I don't have any concrete proof...but I have a pretty good guess why there are a significant number of these cars that pass through CarMax with low mileage...yet already need tires. We've had members here with rear axles that were so out of whack on the toe setting, that their rear tires were completely toast in 10K miles.


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