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Thread: LED headlight install

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    LED headlight install

    This is another easy modification, which will improve greatly upon the already-decent Mirage headlights. They will also last a LOT longer than the stock lamps, and will very likely outlast the car itself. For the price of a couple pair of Silverstar Halogens (That burn out pretty fast) you could have these. These LED lamps are very bright, like HID's, but they do not require the extra wiring for ballasts. They are very much "Plug and Play". But there are a couple of tricks I'd like to point out, so someone else doing the mod won't run into the same issues (and sore fingers) that I did.

    First, we need to buy some LED headlamps. Our cars use "9003" bulbs, which by lucky coincidence, will also fit the very common "H4" bulbs used by motorcycles. I bought these from Procycle - You will need two of them. These are NOT the same as some of the cheaper units offered on Ebay - you get what you pay for. These lamps are 3800 lumen, fan cooled, and they are made to be used in "Dual Sport" motorcycles, which tend to be dropped and knocked around more often than your average Harley, so in our case the lights will survive anything the car will - and a few things that the car would not.

    So, order your bulbs. Procycle is fast, so you'll have them in a few days. Don't know why this pic keeps coming up sideways. I've rotated it with a few different image editors.

    First, lets get the old headlight out. All of the work to install the LEDs can be done without removing the headlight housings.

    Pull the rubber boot off with the tabs, exposing the stock bulb:

    Push the clip forward, and swing it away. Remove the bulb.

    Might as well hang on to these

    Here is our LED unit. Note the silver mounting ring. This comes off. You push down on the ring (Toward the heat-sink) and twist to remove it. You will need to remove it to put it in the housing.

    Here is the ring.

    Install it in the housing just like the bulb you took out. It can be put in backwards! The plastic tube should protrude outwards as shown here.

    Put the rubber boot back on. Make sure it is pushed down in the center, and all around the outside. Here is where you learn from my mistakes: Lube that rubber (*snerk*) with WD40 or some kind of light oil, around the hole (giggity) before inserting the LED or it will be very hard to get it to turn and seat. The pigtail will go toward the bottom when it's installed. Push the lamp forward, and twist it.

    And you're halfway done! They plug in to the stock headlight connector. Tape the fan driver box down to something so it doesn't swing around and hit anything.

    Same process for the other side. A little less room due to the fusebox, but still plenty of clearance.

    Looks a little different in the housings.

    Does a great job of lighting up the backroads in this area, which are rife with deer and other critters that are out to damage my new car. Pictures on my phone do not do these lamps justice. They light the entire road up, to the sides, in front of the car, and far down the road. They are considerably brighter than the stock lamps. Even on low beam they light up the road great.

    Enjoy your new headamps!

    -Mark (Still trying for that forum sticker)
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