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Thread: I was able to Enable OEM Cruise control of my 2014 Mirage DE 5-speed Manual.

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    Just did another Mirage today, used a windows 10 laptop with my old 1.4.1 xhorse compatible Mini-VCI. Followed the manual instructions to get that cable working as found elsewhere (and then used techstream to program a key for someone's Prius, LOL).

    Settings for the cruise control are in the "engine" part of the Etacs Decoder. I had to change my writing settings to "flow control". Remember you have to have the ignition on (except when the software tells you not to) for Etacs Decoder to work.

    Anyways, the wheel my friend got for his Mirage was a 2015 Outlander wheel. Again, it had the wrong resistors. This time I took a picture of them and I'll attach it with the resistors to solder in. After soldering in the proper value resistors everything went great. All the wiring was there, as expected. Just had to add the clutch and brake switches, and the new wheel (in fact, he kept his old wheel, just added the cruise panel to it since he had a wheel that had a blank panel rather than just foam).

    Disassembling the cruise control switches is pretty easy, just carefully press in on the black part where the clips are while pulling apart. Be careful not to break anything.

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