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Thread: Accelerated while stationary? (CVT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angrybeaver View Post
    Speaking of holding the brake while revving the engine, can you brake-torque a CVT like a torque converter automatic?
    Can you? Yes. Should you? No. A occasional short duration brake-torque probably won't cause any damage but it's definitely not a good idea either.


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    The Mirage has a JATCO cvt (Nissan) which features a lock-up torque converter and 2 forward gear ranges (automatic shifting 2 speed final drive) and it's rated for double the horsepower of the 3A92 engine, so you probably couldn't get the belt to slip, as the transmission would know that the car is stationary and the torque converter would just warm up a little bit if it's even in gear when stopped with the brake applied. (it probably is if you depress the gas, but still not a big concern) 3000 RPM isn't getting very near peak torque yet so the risk of the push belt slipping is negligible unless for some reason it reduces clamping force on the belt when car is stationary. I doubt this would be the case however as there is no benefit to it.

    MetroMPG linked a diagram on this other thread:

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