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Thread: Missing my Mirage

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    Comfort! I put 14350 miles in 3 months of driving it. The lower lumbar support is not existent. Makes you feel like you are in the fetal position. The headrest are way to forward and make your chin almost hit your chest if sitting more upright.. I am 5.11 and like to seat in a more upright position. The car was not comfortable. It was even worst for back seat passengers when I had them because of the headrest pushing your head forward. The ride got jittery in my 110 daily commute. The mpg was 39 for the life of driving it. I did have problems with the clutch shudder, gas cap cable broke and gear shift was not precised and at times rubbery in 2-3/4-5. I did love the handling and turning but on the highway and heavy traffic is not fun.


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    True -can't beat the Mirage in this class if you're after ride comfort.

    I find seat comfort to be very dependent on the individual. We had another member here say exactly the same thing about the Mirage's headrests (Foama)!


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