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Thread: What might we expect in the next generation 2019 Mirage? Micra platform Speculation

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    Mitsubishi Motors is a lot of things but fast to market isnít one of them. The Mirage could coast for 2 years in the U.S. thanks to:
    • amortized tooling
    • weak competition -> expanding sales volume last 3 years
    • alliance platform sharing timetable

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    Quote Originally Posted by palebeachbum View Post
    By 2020, The current Mirage will seem laughably outdated.
    Agreed. They can't afford to coast in their important markets... and the U.S. isn't the Mirage's important market, by far.

    The strategy for the car will be dictated by what's happening in the part of the world where the car has sold in much higher numbers. Mitsu already sold something like 200,000 Mirages in southeast Asia -- where there's much more intense A-segment competition -- before it even arrived on US shores. (Even Nissan admitted that Mitsu's higher success in developing countries was one reason it wanted to hook up.)

    The competition in those countries are running on 6-7 year model cycles. Mitsu can't afford to stretch much more than that, and the car first went on sale in 2012.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggman View Post
    The aerodynamic advantage of drafting behind a truck changes the numbers dramatically. One time I drafted a truck and got MPGs in the 70s.

    In my Mirage!
    When I draft a semi with my Burgman bike I see >100mpg imperial.

    I personally think the current Micra looks too rounded at the rear. And a bit weird at the front. I have rented a few and would place some Hyundai/Kia/Scion compatable models head and shoulders above a Micra.

    I agree the Versa can get good mileage. I pushed one hard for 1400 kms and got 44mpg from it. A Maxima I had got <30mpg. I pushed a CVT Mirage hard and got nearly 60mpg. Lousy Fiat 500 I rented got about 33mpg. And had horrible oversteer.


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