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Thread: Rear Alignment Problem FAQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Premeir620 View Post
    Yes it was feom a Mitsubishi and Honda dealer. The rear shows red. I wish I knew how to attach the printout. When I called them on it, the service manager got defensive like I was accusing them of lying about the problem. It is 1.8 out of spec on right and .51 out of spec on left rear
    They basically say "nothing is wrong and it passed, however printout shows fail"
    It can be difficult to keep cool and level-headed when trying to straighten out problems with confrontational individuals such as what you are describing from the service manager.

    It might help to give things a day or two to rest then go back to the dealership to try again. Give the service manager another chance to see things your way. If he won't cooperate, try the dealer manager or owner. If they won't cooperate, you might as well call Mitsubishi Corporate.

    See, you have clear documentation of a problem that the dealership cannot deny. If the dealership service department were doing their job correctly, it is my understanding that these results are to be posted to your Mitsubishi service record and should be available to Mitsubishi Corporate to review.

    To me it appears you have caught this person in a lie, as you have prepared yourself with the knowledge and understanding of alignments and were able to interpret the results right there in front of him. You caught him lying, and that embarrassed him and put him on the defensive. No surprise really.

    This shouldn't happen to anyone, much less you. And it sounds as if that man is not really ready to be a service manager. From that perspective, you might as well skip over dealing with the service manager and give the dealership manager or owner a chance to make this right. And share with them that if this cannot be resolved at this level you will be calling Mitsubishi Corporate for guidance.

    I wish there were more we could do to help, but I think you have what you need to see this through. Do keep us updated Premeir620 - I hope you are able to work this out.


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    Your printout clearly shows that your left rear toe is well out of the proper specification. That's your main problem...

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    To help visually understand what this means, take a look at this diagram below. Your left rear tire is pointing inward slightly while your other 3 tires are pointing straight ahead...

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    Your left rear tire is almost being dragged along the road as the car moves. That tire will wear out prematurely.

    Eggman is giving you great advice. Give it a couple of days to cool off, and then make an appointment to have your rear alignment corrected. Keep a level head because you will need the Service Manager to be moderately cooperative to get this solved. The technician working on your car probably told the Service Manager that they can't align the rear end and this is the best they can do. his mind he's correct because he likely doesn't know that Mitsubishi will replace your entire rear axle to correct this issue. It's important that you (politely) ask the Service Manager to contact the Mitsubishi Tech Line and open a case with them (go to post #2 and read #27 carefully for a full explanation).

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