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Thread: Biggest pet peeve of the Mirage? (Annoyances)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basic View Post
    Boy isnt that the truth... I have small kids, and they are always dropping something in the floor in the back, and realistically ask, Hey Dad, can you turn the light on? And I am thinking... no, it wont help you, but you cant tell that to a 7 year old, so I have this one stupid light glaring me right in the face as I am driving, and they have zero help... lol. Been there, done that a THOUSAND times!
    I replaced the bulb with an LED light and it helped a bit. I then bought some stick on, remote control LED lights and put them in the foot wells and in glove box. I can turn on them easily when needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobrajet View Post
    Mine is the horrific, proprietary, dealership-only, pain-in-the-ass TPMS system. Other manufacturers have systems that are soooooo simple and user-friendly. Why do any and all Mirage TPMS settings, adjustments, and programming procedures have to be buried in the software of a $3,500 dealership scan tool??

    Gotta either spend hundreds of dollars or stare at that damned warning light for 1/3 of the year.
    I agree, plus many other electronic crap that is so damn expensive to fix. It's supposed to be an economy car not a Lexus.

    I'd like to get rid of:

    Electric door locks and windows

    $400 smart key

    Air bag sensors: mine just went out. Luckily it was still under warranty. I wonder how much that would've cost?


    Smart AC


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    My biggest pet peeve is getting blown around on the road when it's windy. And it's windy in Cleveland alot!

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