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Thread: Casper :: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage Base (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Mirage Base

    Base with optional added A/C! Adding Cruise Control is in the works..


    eBay aero roof racks! Custom built/cut to fit with wind fairing and Inno ski racks! Summer will bring bike racks

    Cheap-O License Plate relocated! Just 2" x 2" L brackets

    Plasti-Dipped Front Grille! EVO style!!

    Red vinyl'd the front & rear Mitsubishi logos and the steering wheel

    De-Badged rear hatch, removed "Mitsubishi" and "Mirage" decals

    Aftermarket front fog lights, enabled in ETACS (by dealership!)

    Black, pretty stock! Good enough for me!


    Base stereo! I like push buttons.


    Same motor and all parts!


    Auto Dynasty lowering springs! Budget friendly ; Front and rears installed.

    Mini Cooper 16" Steelies! Budddgggeeetttt...

    56mm center bore
    5.5" wide
    ET 45mm

    Achilles ATR-K 165/40r16 tires on all 4

    Extended red aluminum lug nuts

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