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    Pulstar Pulse Plugs

    So, after trying these things out on my old car with poor results, I decided to go ahead and give them another go on the Mirage. They've made several changes to the design, so hopefully they'll work better now. On my Aspire, after running them for a while, they fouled up and began misfiring, but felt pretty nice when they worked. The Mirage runs about 10 degrees hotter, so maybe that'll keep the carbon at bay.

    So, just what am I talking about? These "pulse plugs" are essentially spark plugs with an internal capacitor, and store what would be wasted energy to release it all at once, resulting in a much more consistent firing time, as well as the production of plasma, which quickens the fuel burn.

    This article does a good job of explaining what they are and what they do:

    So, how does it work with the Mirage? Initial subjective review is that it does make it feel a tiny little more peppy. Not sure if there's really much of a power/economy gain, but I did get 56 mpg on my way home from work, but conditions were also ideal.

    What I can quantify, though, is idle quality. The idle with the OEM spark plugs had a fuel usage of about .13 GPH when at full temperature. In my tinkering, I decided to experiment with side-gapping the OEM plugs, which did show an improvement, with the usage going down to .12 GPH, occasionally hitting .11 GPH. The Pulstars? They sit at a steady .11 GPH, and occasionally dip to .10 GPH.

    So what does that mean? It means at minimum, they're making the idle much smoother, which can be quantified. As for power gains? The butt dyno likes them, but can't say for sure if they make more power, and I'd need consistent testing to determine MPG gains. My main concern is how long the plugs will last before they start to misfire like the last time I used them.

    Part number is DG1H-10.


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