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Thread: How-To: Enable Cruise Control 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage DE 5-speed

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    How-To: Enable Cruise Control 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage DE 5-speed

    I apologize for my poor documentation in advance. I'm attempting to summarize the thread found here:
    Previous Thread

    Be sure to get yourself a copy of the service manual. There are some links with free versions floating around the forum. It helps a lot with the steering wheel disassembly if you've never done that before. Feel free to ask questions. I hope I covered everything.

    I Picked up some parts off a wrecked 2015 Mirage ES CVT at the local salvage yard. The only part pictured here that was used was the steering wheel. I tried to get the brake switch but accidentally broke it due to my impatience. Cost myself $20 for a new one. More to come on the other items pictured here in a separate thread:

    Ordered myself the following items:
    Brake Switch w/4 pins: p/n 8614A183
    Clutch Switch: 8606A025
    Mini VCI Cable off ebay: Mini VCI Cable Note: Not sure I can say I recommend this cable. Maybe try a more expensive device, especially something compatible with 64-bit operating system. The operation of this cable's drivers is still hit or miss on my laptop.

    I Downloaded ETACS Decoder. The software comes with some free server requests so use them wisely. I spent some time messing around getting the mini VCI drivers to get more on my 64 bit machine. Getting all this software to work will probably be the hardest part of this process. I eventually got paired up with the car. In short, I was able to make modifications to anything under the "Engine" tab which included cruise control as well as turning off the eco light. I was unable to modify anything under "ETACS" tab which includes fog lights among other small features so I'm trying to figure that out still.

    To start, disconnect the battery. WAIT 1 minute prior to messing with the air bag:

    Use these 3 holes (1 on each side, one of the bottom) to push on the wire spring and remove the airbag assembly. Service Manual recommends a T30 torx driver. I used a flat head screw successfully. Just be careful.

    Disconnect the wires from the air bag assembly and set it aside somewhere safe. Then, you'll need a 17mm socket and a long ratchet or breaker bar. Brace yourself, hold the steering wheel steady, and turn the nut loose. Make sure to mark the steering wheel relative to the steering column so you can get it on straight again later:

    Next, install your new steering wheel and make sure to plug everything back in. Torque the nut to 32 lb-ft. You'll notice the clock spring connector will have more wires from the cruise control and audio controls.

    I didn't get pictures for the rest. But here are some notes:
    • Twist the brake sensor 1/4 to the left and it'll pop out of place. Then, take the new brake sensor, push it in the hole as far as it'll go, and give it a 1/4 to the right to lock it into place.
    • Insert clutch switch into the obvious hole. Use a M10 x 1.25 to tighten it in place. I didn't do any adjusting of the clutch pedal.
    • For the clutch, you'll see the wiring and connector electrical taped up on the wiring harness. Pull it out and plug it into the switch

    Steering Wheel: $10
    Brake Switch: $20
    Clutch Switch: $20
    Mini VCI Cable: $15
    Total Cost: $65

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