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Thread: What has your Mirage done for you today? Or we love it despite its shortcomings.

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    What has your Mirage done for you today? Or we love it despite its shortcomings.

    The other day I had to run an errand to a rural garden center and was surprised to see they were hosting an Easter egg hunt. The normally empty parking lot was jammed full and cars / pedestrians were routed to a rutted field. Which was also full. Big SUV's, minivans and people were everywhere. None of them knew what to do or where to go. After finding no conventional spots, I spotted a small place on some very rough ground where not even the SUV's would go. The little Mirage clambered into the space without so much as brushing the under carriage. When it was time to leave, it was super easy to maneuver out of the spot and get around all the other cars.

    Yes, it's a bit noisy, doesn't handle all that well and doesn't have a lot of power, but there is something indescribably satisfying about the car. Well, it's ability to turn on a dime and fit into tight spaces is describable. It's one of the cheapest, tinniest cars I've ever owned, but I love it. I am not one to anthropomorphize cars, but this little guy might prove to be the exception. Long live Rattletrap!

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    Mine takes me and my little ones all over town. I did have a job too large for it today though.
    My bro in law had his fiberglass boat stored in his back yard for winter and the earth started to consume the trailers back tires. He needed to get it out of there and only has a minivan. The Tundra was called into service. 401lbft of torque made quick work of the job. Barely had to pull past idle.
    Getting back there was fun. Pretty big embankment and ditch at the edge of the road. Just took it at an angle no issue. Took the boat out the driveway though lol

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