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1917 Mitsubishi Model A

This should be interesting...

Mitsubishi's first car was produced 100 years ago this year. They're marking the anniversary with a special project: recreating its first car, with a big twist.

There are no 1917 Mitsu Model A's around to mod, so they're modding a Model T (they look very similar), and it's getting the plug-in drivetrain from the Outlander hybrid.

And it will be on TV:

The vehicle is being built at the West Coast Customs facility in Burbank, CA and will be completed this summer. The build will be featured on an episode of Inside West Coast Customs, which airs on the Velocity network, Tuesdays, 9 PM PDT/EDT.
Source: Mitsubishi Motors Partners with West Coast Customs to Re-Create the Car that Started It All 100 Years Ago - Mitsubishi Newsroom

Jalopnik is covering it too:

At this point, the Outlander has been stripped down to a skateboard and the “Model A” has pretty much been gutted to have its wooden structural components replaced with metal ones and receive some more reinforcement.
Source: West Coast Customs And Mitsubishi Are Doing The Engine Swap Of The Century