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Thread: Newbie with lots of questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobrajet View Post
    I bought my '15 5-speed ES brand new in December of 2014. I now have 70,000 miles on it, and it has given me no trouble. All it has asked of me is gas, oil changes, brake pads, and tires. That's it.

    Mirages are a bit noisy, not terribly fast, and don't handle particularly well. But they have a great set of standard features, get absurdly good mileage, have a great warranty, never break down, are intelligently designed, well-built, and are quite inexpensive. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

    I don't regret buying mine for a second. I have encouraged FIVE friends and coworkers to buy Mirages, and they are all as happy with them as I am.

    Just be sure you are okay with a car that is pretty much the modern definition of an "econobox". Expect anything more from a Mirage and it might let you down.
    All the feedback is great and I'm very aware of the car being an econobox and the engine which I can adjust to easily since the Smart is a small car with a three banger so the Mirage will feel larger by comparison and frankly I find the looks of the 17 pretty cool. I liked the way it bops around town and I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gstreetcomic View Post
    I liked the way it bops around town and I love it.
    Me, too. That is exactly what I use mine for...bopping. But there have been folks here who purchased them and soon grew weary of the Mirage's limitations and "quirks".

    Depreciation on these on all small econoboxes when gas is terrible. This is NOT a car you want to buy new and try to sell a year or two later. You will lose your shirt.

    I should also mention that parts for these cars tend to be expensive and hard to find as a general rule. Go to many parts sites online and you will find the car is not even in their systems. The upside is that you will not need to buy many parts. Aftermarket parts support for these far...has been very weak.

    Certainly not trying to talk you out of one. As I said, I love mine. But these things should be considered.
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    My work has a bunch of mirage's used for delivery's. No real problems with any of them. They just require normal easy maintenance(oil changes,belt,brakes,tires,etc..). Name:  IMG_7203[1].jpg
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Size:  89.2 KB The engine now uses 1/2 liter of oil every 6000kms it's holding together great. Doesn't smoke,tick or knock, the cvt is fine despite only having fluid changed a handful of times. If you crash one parts can get expensive if bought from the dealership so these cars are easily written off.

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    Welcome, Eric!

    Just in case you haven't seen this sub-forum, there are lots of reviews from owners:
    Reviews by Mirage / Space Star Owners (and tire-kickers)

    Quote Originally Posted by gstreetcomic View Post
    it's on my top list for a potential replacement for a 2013 Smart for two Pure.
    We have at least one other member here who came from a smart. Lives in Ottawa, Canada.

    and of course mileage
    How are you doing MPG-wise in your smart? The Mirage responds very well to basic eco-driving techniques. Easy to beat the EPA ratings!

    Note: if MPG is an interest of yours, the manual transmission will beat the CVT in the hands of a motivated driver by a few MPG, despite the EPA ratings showing the opposite.

    I take it you've looked at our fuel economy log (almost 2 million km / 1.6M miles logged):

    On my test drive I found the speed adequate for the highway and in town.
    That's a fair description. Coming from a smart, you won't be disappointed.

    Anyone ever taken a day trip in them.
    Lots of road-trippers here. Lots of cross-continent journeys, too...

    Thread: Done any long trips in your Mirage yet? Comfortable? Good fuel economy?

    Thread: Did my first long road trip

    Thread: Road trip in a manual? (Concerned about high RPM)

    Thread: Half way though my 4100 mile (6600 km) Mirage road trip/vacation ...


        click to view fuel log View my fuel log 2014 Mirage base ES 1.2 manual: 54.0 mpg (US) ... 23.0 km/L ... 4.4 L/100 km ... 64.9 mpg (Imp)

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