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Thread: Looking for oil filter experiences

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    I use honda jazz filters. No problems after 5 oil changes.
    I currently fill it using Q8 5w-30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggman View Post
    Actually, I was thinking about doing this very thing, and here's why:

    1. Of all the posts I have read on filters on websites like Bob Is The Oil Guy, there are a few folks that place emphasis on improved filtration in being able to capture smaller particles. Not many manufacturers advertise the filtration capacity of their products. By paying attention to this, it is my goal to catch more junk (as in smaller particle size) than what a Mitsubishi filter will and reward the companies who are open about what their product will do. So far, I haven't found any specification from Mitsubishi as to what size particles their filter will trap. I have found this info for Mobil and Wix filters.

    2. Most filters recommended for the 3A92 have more filter media than the factory filter due to being a larger (mostly longer) filter. This gives the ability to capture more junk (as in quantity.)

    3. Being a city car, I don't typically put on many miles on an oil change. In six month's time, Speck is well under the 7,500 miles recommended by Mitsubishi.

    I'm thinking a better filter (both in what size particles and in how much it can capture) used for one year's worth of driving will suffice and by being able to capture smaller particles, be even better than the manufacturer filter. I also look forward to submitting an oil sample for analysis and report the results here (kinda negates the cost savings lol.)

    There's more to this. I'll have to write more later.

    Just a thought

    Usually a filter should be good for at least the duration of two oil changes, but:

    A) You can't really tell when when it is so much saturated that the bypass becomes active. Otherwise said you don't know when it stops filtering, and when it stops filtering it is just as neat as an overflowing garbage can.

    B) If you use an excellent and very efficient filter such as the FILTRON OP575 that is capable of filtering out extremely small particles down to 1 to 2Ám, it will trap much more particles. If it does capture more it will need to be changed timely with the oil. It doesn't pay not to change it in time.

    I use the Filtron OP575, because it has the best-working non-return valve, the better filtering capability is just a bonus. I definitely change it every time the oil gets changed! At one-sixth the price of a tank of fuel, I would be a idiot if I didn't.
    The preferred (and effortless!) method for changing is by filter cap, such as described in the FSM.
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    I like the description of the Stainless lifetime oil filter type despite the high cost. What I like in particular is the promised/claimed better oil flow and filtering. Pumping loss is reduced too, so that would translate to better fuel economy. I may be using this filter come 2018.

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    From what I've heard those stainless lifetime filters are really just rock catchers. The filtering efficiency is supposed to be terrible. It really makes sense as its just overlapping stainless mesh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ares View Post
    You're going to cheap out on a 10$ part? Really?
    I am trying to justify the extra cash spent on a higher quality oil filter and actually want some "value added". Because if its just going to last for the 7500 miles than I may as while buy a cheap FRAM filter for $5

    Also looking to reduce environmental waste and it would be nice to keep a filter for 2 oil changes before tossing it.

    And yes, I am looking to "cheap out" on a $10 part if it is not absolutely necessary. Would rather give $10 to a bum than to waste it. Would rather donate $10 to the animal shelter than to waste it.

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