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Thread: What's going on with Mirage Pilipinas (MPH) forum?

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    Myself, I wouldn't say completely unusable. I do about half my reading (and sometimes replying) on my smartphone. It's clunky and the text size is sometimes inconsistent, but I manage.

    Any internet browsing on a smartphone is going to be different from a desktop. I don't blame the forum for that, I blame the smartphone. That's 'smart' phones for you.

    That said, I know what you mean because I've seen some forums through my smartphone that are easier to read, if only for text size.

    So MetroMPG and Daox, is it possible to format for mobile use?

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    I’ve been using Opera Mini for quite some time. It has the option to force a webpage to display the desktop version
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    I have been regularly using the forum on a 6+ year old Android phone. It's obviously not as easy as desktop or a dedicated mobile platform, but it works ok for me.

    Yes, a mobile solution is on our (too-long) to-do list. No promises on when that will happen. Safe to assume it's not going to be soon.


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