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Thread: How much did you pay for your Mirage?

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    Sort of a freak accident.

    I had it parked a block from my place on the street. An Uber driver had a heart attack with two passengers in the car, floored it and ran directly into my car pushing it about 5 meters forward, into a BMW (that suffered some real damage) and onto the sidewalk. Passengers were fine but poor driver didn't make it : /

    Insurance gave me ~$10k with 16,000 miles and good condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomandjerry00 View Post
    My 2015 Mirage was totaled so I just bought a new 2017 SE CVT in silver with LED daytime running lights for $12,840 OTD with loyalty and military discounts. I spent a lot of time looking at other options (including the Rio), but was sold on another Mirage.

    Can't wait to pick it up!
    Congratulations on your new 2017 SE. I just got a 2017 SE too and it's a great car. And I'm also glad to see that you bought another Mirage.


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