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Thread: Mirage turbo 1.1, 1.2L or 1.0L for the U.S.? Some recent chatter from Mitsu execs

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    Mirage turbo 1.1, 1.2L or 1.0L for the U.S.? Some recent chatter from Mitsu execs

    A possible turbochcharged Mirage has been mentioned for the second time in the last 2 weeks. The most recent chatter is in a report from Automotive News regarding the Mirage sedan for the U.S. market.

    The big concern regarding the power-hungry U.S. market is the additional weight of the sedan - it will make it slower than the 1.2L hatchback, possibly too slow. (It would be the first 3-cylinder sedan sold in the U.S.)


    Mitsubishi is considering a downsized turbo version to get more power from the smaller engine.
    Source (subscription may be required):

    This Automotive News piece also re-states an earlier factoid I'd read about the engine bay of the Mirage - that it isn't big enough for a 4-cylinder.

    ...layout restrictions mean Mitsubishi can't swap it [the 3-cylinder] for a larger engine to compete with rivals in the 1.4- to 1.6-liter range.
    The other recent turbocharging reference came from a Mitsubishi U.S. official at the Mirage's Quebec City / North America press drive introduction:

    Mitsubishi North America manager of product planning Bryan Arnett says he would like to see a slightly edgier Mirage -- perhaps with tighter suspension and a few extra horsepower courtesy of a turbocharger
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