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Thread: Possibly another cvt on the way out?

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    Possibly another cvt on the way out?

    I just took a car for a test drive after a new driver got put into it. Said it made a whinning noise and got pretty loud in o/d... Sure enough it sounds like the cvt screaming away. I checked the fluid when I got back and it looked black on the stick. Car is a 15' with 89k kms. It's going to the dealership this morning. I'll post back what happens. I kinda wanna see if it's the thrust washer craping out but it gets louder when the secondary gear kicks in.

    I expect the car to sit there for at least a day before they look at it. Then say the cvt is screwed cause the fluid is toast. We haven't had to do any warranty claims other than a wheel bearing. Hope this isn't a hastle. Cvt fluid was replaced a month ago.

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