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The factory bulbs draw 388ma. I replaced them with two LED's at the front parking light position. The LED's draw only a small fraction of the current and they "flicker" when the lights are on. I am thinking that I need to install a 40 ohm shunting resistor across each LED.
so that the circuit will "see" 388 ma. Do you think this will stop the flickering?
They flicker because they are from walmart Seriously if it is that multi chip (4 LEDs on the sides and one on the front) 194 replacement,they are garbage. I now replaced my homemade 194 LEDs first with the walmart multi chip and they both were flickering.

Later I bought some from advanced auto parts store.They were about $7 each and they work great sofar. They have a milky dome diffuser on the front. Under the diffuser there are two tiny LED chips. I removed one of the diffusers to see the difference and the dedomed one is brighter.(not surprising).