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  1. Mitsu Canada to offer both manual and CVT transmissions. What about U.S.?
  2. 3A92 1.2L 3-cylinder Mirage / Space Star engine info (specs, specifications)
  3. Gear ratios: 2014 Mirage transmissions, 5-spd manual & CVT (speed vs. RPM chart)
  4. Video/pics: New Mirage MIVEC continuously variable valve control mechanism
  5. Would you get a Mirage if it only came with an automatic transmission?
  6. HOW TO: Adjust clutch engagement point - Mitsubishi Mirage / Space Star
  7. 3A90 1.0L 3-cylinder Mirage / Space Star engine info (specs, specifications)
  8. Quantity/viscosity of lubricating oil... (What does your Mirage owner's manual say?)
  9. CVT owners... what is "Idle Neutral Logic"? And what is it like to drive?
  10. Video: starter problem (Mirage 1.2L CVT) - flywheel defect? Update: warranty repair
  11. Quality synthetic gear oil recommendation for manual transmission/5MT Mirage?
  12. 2001 Mirage engine swap
  13. Does the Mirage 1.2L engine have timing belt or chain-driven camshafts?
  14. Periodic valve adjustment necessary on these MIVEC engines?
  15. MDC POWER GERMANY makes the mirage engine?
  16. any suggestions to improve performance?
  17. Performance Air Filter
  18. What is "Ds" mode on CVT Mirage in Australia?
  19. Hints of a more powerful engine for Mirage G4 / Attrage sedan
  20. Mirage engine - break in, how and if?
  21. Operation & details of the Auto Stop & Go (engine stop/start) on a 1.2L CVT Mirage
  22. Starter Slide
  23. Is the 3A92 Mirage Motor MAF or MAP based?
  24. CVT owners: is anyone willing to record some speed vs. RPM stats for us?
  25. Open pod Mods found on Mirage philipine
  26. Mirage turbo 1.1, 1.2L or 1.0L for the U.S.? Some recent chatter from Mitsu execs
  27. Mirage 74hp vs Attrage 80hp engine (Mirage sedan engine more powerful?)
  28. Engines & Transmissions Sticky Index (look here for good info)
  29. CVT how long would the CVT belt last normally?
  30. Mirage 1.2L (3A92)... MAP or MAF? Who got what?
  31. Information about the Mirage CVT (Jatco CVT7 JF015E) operation, video, diagrams
  32. Speedlab intake, header, and custom tune!
  33. Engine & transmission aftermarket parts index
  34. Dear Thailand owners... Whose is this?! (Mirage turbo 1.2L, 0.5 bar/7 PSI, w/video)
  35. start stop system will battery last?
  36. CVT drive belt replacement cost and life expectancy
  37. start stop battery replacement cost
  38. Did anyone catch the new 1.1L GDI Turbo engine?
  39. Spacestar / Mirage on LPG / GPL
  40. exhaust
  41. Anyone try a K&N drop in air filter yet?
  42. Poll: 1.0L Mirage engine = 7.5% better fuel economy. Would you choose it?
  43. Mirage exhaust mods summed up. (Factory setup is best)
  44. Transmission and speed (CVT question & fuel efficiency)
  45. How many miles/kilometers on your Mirage/Space Star so far? (PLUS! Leaderboard)
  46. Temperature Light (comes on after cold start)
  47. Chip Tuning
  48. row-your-boat owners: what RPMs do you shift?
  49. 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage OBD-II port/plug location - where is it?
  50. Service Intervals - First Service
  51. Mirage CVT transmission problems and cold climate operation?
  52. CVT service
  53. 3a92 turbo manifold????
  54. burning rubber smell after uphill drive
  55. Intesresting insight i got from my dealership (re: smart 1.0 turbo)
  56. Good demonstration video of CVT operation by a college instructor
  57. Oil filter location looks to be a reach with very little space making for a messy
  58. Has anyone done this to a mirage yet? (individual throttle bodies)
  59. Greddy E-manage
  60. Auto Stop and Go (how to be sure it's enabled?)
  61. Report: AWD plus 1.0L turbo for 2015 Mirage G4 in U.S. & Canada
  62. OBD code reader / scan tool?
  63. Starting problem
  64. Engine wash... Who's done it?
  65. What type of oil comes in the 2014 Mirage when sold off the lot?
  66. Break-in oil
  67. Oil Filter Wrench (what size?)
  68. Recommended Oil Viscosities
  69. 0w-20 vs 5w-30?
  70. Changing the Oil (filter and drain plug location?)
  71. "B" gear on the CVT
  72. Question- Electronic Stability Control button
  73. 100mile First Oil Change Results
  74. Radiator fan : Is it programmed to come on more often due to
  75. Notchiness with the CVT?
  76. Where's the Dipstick
  77. Oil Filter Part Number
  78. Mirage differential possibilities
  79. SRS warning light stays ON
  80. Oil Change Recommendations
  81. SpeedLab Parts?
  82. issues popping up around 5000 km.
  83. Service light came on! How to reset?
  84. Air intake for MAF Mirages.
  85. Dragging noise during high RPM??
  86. Checking CVT oil level ??
  87. Oil Filter Draining Down
  88. speedlab header
  89. Lumheader Exhaust?
  90. First Oil Change - was there really..
  91. Oil Filter Relocation
  92. Maintenance Free Battery??
  93. Timing chain or belt??
  94. Bottom Line: Is the CVT Reliable?
  95. Dealer overfilled oil
  96. Mirage with High Miles (Other high miles Mitsubishis?)
  97. K-Mart ; Pennzoil conventional and Platinum on sale
  98. Rattling Noise After Cold Start With A/C On
  99. Interesting post with details about the Space Star/Mirage ...
  100. Just claim my drive shaft
  101. 10w-30
  102. Brand new car-check engine soon?
  103. Valve noise on start-up!
  104. Need to add oil between changes?
  105. clunk noise - cvt
  106. ASAG not coming on (engine auto stop and go)
  107. First Oil Change
  108. service manual
  109. Do 5 speeds use less fuel in gear?
  110. Anyone change their own oil?
  111. How different are the 3A9* engines from one another?
  112. [Engine swap] 4G63 into a 2014 Mirage (2L turbo)
  113. blinking D and P of CVT on dash
  114. Gear oil fill location for 5MT?
  115. Welcome Oil Change
  116. Difficulty shifting into reverse - manual transmission
  117. HOW TO: Changing 5MT Gear Oil (Manual Transmission)
  118. 3A92 & 59kW
  119. Click or Clunk when shifting
  120. magnetic oil drain plug
  121. Aftermarket CVT fluid - Would you use it?
  122. Oil Change DIY
  123. Intakes work fine.....
  124. ECU tuning
  125. DIY Intake
  126. Starter/Ignition Fail
  127. Burning Smell After Downshift
  128. Uh-oh, CVT problems! (Update: replaced under warranty)
  129. Pennzoil Platinum $10 rebate : 2 per household
  130. BJs Wholesale Shell motor oil on sale
  131. Dealer oil change prices
  132. Quaife LSD? (Any interest in limited slip differential group buy?)
  133. Valve adjustment info found under hood ...
  134. "service engine soon" (light on brand new Mirage)
  135. SATISFACTION Carbon Chamber Air Intake System for Mitsubishi Mirage/Space Star
  136. No Transmission Filter (CVT) - Magnefine?
  137. problem with FAST key / engine start button: beeping & flashing (cold weather issue?)
  138. Speedlab's supercharged Mirage 1.2L
  139. Lubricant for steering? (Potential solutions for Mirage's lack of self-centering)
  140. AC & Fan not working
  141. High pitch noise? (dog doesn't like to ride in the car)
  142. Backfire?
  143. Engine Oil Accessibility
  144. Gooey Substance in Oil Filler Cap
  145. Manual in cold weather
  146. Manual tranny shift quality
  147. Driving with Radiator Cap Loose
  148. Mirage ECU/wiring diagrams
  149. Engine Rattles on first gear from full stop
  150. Alternative oil filter with anti-drain and bypass features
  151. Another first oil change thread.
  152. starter part of the 100k warranty?
  153. Crunching sound/feel in accelerator (CVT)
  154. Magnetic drain plug for 5MT?
  155. MIVEC kick in
  156. Some technical data for you guys!
  157. Muffler Replacement -- Update: got a custom cat back exhaust
  158. Clutch adjustment!!! (Solved shifting problems)
  159. 1.2L in the USA Timing Belt or Chain????
  160. runs great just don't like to start.
  161. US 1.2L: EGR Valve?
  162. cvt rpm's when cold
  163. custom cat-back exhaust
  164. Uh Oh That Smell
  165. Mirage LPG conversion (Thailand)
  166. Developing a MAF sensor housing for custom air intakes
  167. Removed my intake snorkel & baffle
  168. Changing or removing Spark plugs & Coil packs
  169. Custom air intake kit & MAF sensor housing interest
  170. Mirage refused to start after "check engine soon" message, fuel cap was loose
  171. Exhaust nuts/bolts - extremely preventative maintenance!
  172. 6A10 Swap?
  173. Is the resonator/muffler position on a Mirage "abnormal"?
  174. MAF issue making car run too rich
  175. Adding any oil between changes, and oil indicator
  176. First oil change at 1000 km ?
  177. Engine block heater installation video
  178. Engine air filter replacement video
  179. Strange intake on ebay
  180. How to: change your own CVT fluid / oil
  181. Which magnetic MT oil drain plug fits?
  182. Replacement Sparkplug option?
  183. Blueprint Oil Filter
  184. about due for 7500 mile oil change
  185. Battery Maintenance after one year
  186. Anyone have torque spec for oil plug?
  187. injectors
  188. Driving performance diagrams
  189. transmission question (CVT -- little downshift felt when you come to a stop?)
  190. Anyone have luck removing oil filter with standard filter or strap wrench?
  191. 3a92 cylinder bore question
  192. Engine Temp Question
  193. Clutch Control
  194. injen intakes looking for 2014 to 2016 cars to make intakes in California
  195. custom hks catback exhaust!!!
  196. Possibly CVT-whining?
  197. Greddy drain plug upgrade
  198. How often do you change the CVT fluid?
  199. curious about cvt - is it electronically controlled?
  200. auxiliary gears in CVT - downshift at stop, or approaching stop?
  201. DRIFT Xaust air intake system on Mitsubishi Mirage
  202. Oil Coolers, Temperature, Gauges
  203. Best oil for 3A92/3A90
  204. ckeck engine light on
  205. Poor performance with A/C
  206. Throttle Body
  207. Just a quick question about click noise when turning key on.
  208. Used oil analysis
  209. anyone using aftermarket Drop in filters?
  210. Aem wants to develop a aem intake for 2014 -15 mirage!!! Anyone lives in riverside ca
  211. Coolant Temperature and Fan
  212. Manual transmission break-in
  213. Burning Oil At 10,000 Miles! (Update 10-03-2015: no more oil burned)
  214. Does NON US spec mirages have the second Catalytic Converter??
  215. cvt shifter (durability of plastic parts?)
  216. What weight of oil is spec'ed in your country?
  217. Connecting rods measurements?
  218. Redline 75w80 GL 4 for notchy/rough shifting 2015 Mirage GLX (Manual 5 Speed)
  219. Oil Drain Plug Gasket/Washer?
  220. CVT Neutral or Not !
  221. Maintenance Period
  222. Enhanced engine braking with AC for downhill drive
  223. Tuning and stronger engine mount
  224. This Was On A Mirage Facebook Page (individual throttle bodies on a Mirage)
  225. Video: Mirage with magnaflow muffler
  226. First major problem at 74000 Miles (AC compressor bearing failure)
  227. DIY: The Oil Change
  228. Turbo off Smart?
  229. 5mt users chime in (engine sounds weird at 2-3.3k rpm at WOT)
  230. MT engine wear fear (concerned about high engine RPM at highway speeds)
  231. Clutch Pedal Stiff in Cold Weather
  232. Check oil hot or cold?
  233. Maintenance schedule
  234. Clicking sound from dash while bump starting?
  235. 5 Speed, Hard to shift into 2nd Gear (solved -- with clutch adjustment)
  236. 2017 3A92 engine with roller cam.
  237. E-throttle lag
  238. Oil level
  239. E15 gasoline and how it might effect the Mitsubishi Mirage
  240. Scraping/grinding noise while in reverse with my 5 Speed?
  241. Mirage G4 annoying and squeaking engine sound
  242. Installing an engine block heater, video
  243. Inept Jump Start (possible damage?)
  244. clutch wear (how to determine)
  245. Belt Noise? (after driving through puddle)
  246. turning off traction control
  247. 3A92 1.2L Mirage exhaust header by SuperCircuit
  248. Where's the aftermarket performance parts? (Turbo specifically)
  249. gas meter weird blinking
  250. 3A90 Intake valves stuck open, carbonized, full of gunk and car won't start