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  1. No Navigation on 2017
  2. Aftermarket navigation in a DE
  3. Aftermarket Steering Wheel?
  4. DIY Dashboard Cover
  5. A proper sun visor mod....
  6. Mirage RF Edition Audio Settings
  7. WeatherTech group buy #2. Post if you're interested
  8. cruise control on mitshubishi mirage 2013
  9. Glovebox Rattle Fix
  10. Weather Tech Floor & Cargo Liner Images
  11. Cheapskate all-weather floormat
  12. diy sill protectors
  13. Any way to set the cruise control to stay on?
  14. Blue Tooth Beeping
  15. big 3 upgrade
  16. Camera wiring?
  17. Audio question 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES
  18. Backseat lighting
  19. LED strips, where to tap in to??
  20. Where to buy usb cable
  21. DIY A/C Blower Cleaning
  22. Bluetooth Sound Quality
  23. 2017 Touch Screen Stereo --> 2015 Mirage?
  24. DIY: USB relocation
  25. Better Trunk Floor DIY
  26. 6.5" Speakers into Rear of non speaker equipped model
  27. Double-DIN Dash Trim Kit...Which one should I use?
  28. DIY head unit install for under $200
  29. Link System | Fuse | HFM (Hands Free Module) - Software Update
  30. Mounting locations for phones & tablets
  31. Anyone do custom gauges & buttons?
  32. tweeter speakers
  33. Installing a Passenger Side Visor Vanity Mirror
  34. Standard radio connection?
  35. Sunglass Holder
  36. Fan Blower Not Working
  37. Just a reminder, guys...don't neglect those cabin air filters!
  38. Amp control wire off OEM radio?
  39. DIY: Homelink Mirror
  40. Seat swap?
  41. New front speakers.
  42. How to properly wire navigation system
  43. Kiwi Green Seat covers cheap
  44. I got my WeatherTech FloorLiners...
  45. Side AC vent dial removal
  46. Build in Rear view camera
  47. Missing trim pieces?
  48. 2017 Mirage Compnent audio system
  49. 3D printed Mitsubishi shift knob -- WIP --
  50. Glove Box Dimensions?
  51. DYI : 2014-15 Factory Navigation Radio / Backup Camera Retrofit into DE
  52. Factory Mic to after market Radio?
  53. Dashcam Modz
  54. DIY: Trunk/Hatch Liner/Mat
  55. Post your mods for 2017 owners
  56. Air blowing hot AND cold (when on hot setting)
  57. rear centre seat belt unit
  58. Has anyone tried Rain-X Anti Fog?
  59. Adding OEM Cruise Control On A 2017 Mirage G4
  60. Connect iPhone to standard radio by USB
  61. Cup holders, Door Pocket rubber mats
  62. Right hand drive coversion.
  63. Has Anyone Installed the Rokford Fosgate Stereo System on their '17?
  64. Push button start on DE
  65. Original Radio Hidden menu
  66. Audio improvement?
  67. Pretty hilarious
  68. 2015 ES - FAST key light on dash flashes for 30 seconds
  69. Removing Center Console
  70. subwoofer and amp mounting
  71. Radio reception problems?
  72. Enjoying my new Head Unit
  73. 2017 swap out environmental controls for digital one
  74. First issue with my new mirage!!?? (Backup camera)
  75. So I Installing Door Welcome/Warning Light
  76. better antena?
  77. Cheap Dome Light LED Upgrade
  78. Will 2 15 Inch subs fit in the back of my car?
  79. Question about stock 2017 apple car play compatible head unit
  80. Head Unit Recommendation
  81. Default how to identify multimedia receiver?
  82. CarPlay/AA headunint sucks
  83. New head unit, ready for install!
  84. IPOD stopped playing!!!???
  85. Display Titles/Artists/Song playing on radio?
  86. Bluetooth Pairing on '17 ES
  87. Will a 2017 mirage g4 touchscreen fit into a 2015 mirage es?
  88. Disable front passanger air bag?
  89. Aftermarket seats and seat rails?
  90. My Kicker Install
  91. Change default A/V behavior in 2017 head unit?
  92. 2017 Speaker Install (For folks who want adapters)
  93. Cigarette lighter comes out on 2017 Mirage?
  94. Is your Mirage experiencing squeaks and rattles?
  95. CD player not working????????
  96. a small update from 17 to 18?
  97. Connecting to bluetooth with S8+ in 2017 Mirage ES
  98. Any ideas how to improve hard seats?
  99. Phone use on 2017 Mirage SE
  100. Updates to audio and phone.
  101. 2017 Mirage Seat Cover Recommendations
  102. Any way to change the orange backlit color on 2014 gauges?
  103. Cruise control in Australia? (on 2013 Mirage)
  104. Bluetooth under warranty?
  105. Anyone added Factory or Aftermarket Heated front Seats to a Mirage not Equipped?
  106. Swap climate control panel into basic panel
  107. Hexomat Floor Mats and WeatherTech Cargo Liner
  108. Problem with the multimedia system
  109. Finding controls in the dark.
  110. HVAC heat blows warm/hot on drivers side, cool/cold passenger side (warranty issue)
  111. Bluetooth phone book not loading into Mirage
  112. USB Charger Station Mod
  113. Custom Fit Seat Covers
  114. Dash Wrap and the Panel Above the Glove Box
  115. Ownice C500 Octa Core Android Radio
  116. Good place to install GPS tracker
  117. 2018 ES stereo dies, restarts, dies, flickers after driving for an hour or so.
  118. Developing a glove box LED light kit - now for sale!
  119. USB Playback Problems
  120. Weird Power Door Lock Problems
  121. Developing a cruise control kit - now for sale!
  122. Software update for 2017 touch screen radio with apple carbpkay
  123. Installing a higher capacity deep cycle battery
  124. DIY: Heated Seat Swap
  125. Radio grounding?
  126. Solution to Glove box USB suddenly stopping.
  127. Rear Fog Light?
  128. Steering Wheel Interface for Pioneer Radios
  129. How To reduce noise through Firewall
  130. Programming Keyless Entry and Keyless Ignition Remote
  131. Need help on wiring to get through the firewall
  132. 18 Mirage - Remote Start
  133. Dash Covers?
  134. Anyone Having Apple Car Play Problems?
  135. Climate control trim removal
  136. Ac not working.
  137. Bluetooth Volume
  138. Phone keeps 'forgetting' to play music when I leave car and get back in.
  139. AC problem
  140. Drying interior after windows open + downpour
  141. 3d printed Scangauge II mount
  142. No Sound
  143. DIY! Eyeglass holder? No problemo!
  144. Swapping in an actual Android OS radio (NOT android auto/apple carplay)
  145. No rca out on the factory stereo?
  146. $69 Android stereo with mirroring
  147. Do single din stereos look "cheap"?
  148. Where to route wires for amplifier?
  149. Clock Set up Mirage 2013
  150. Rear speaker wire colors?
  151. Cheap 51$ radio I bought was a giant FAIL :o(
  152. ECO light
  153. Steering wheel controls
  154. Aftermarket Shift Boots?
  155. 2017 G4 rear seat removal-rear seat support or structural support?
  156. Mirage G4 aftermarket radio install
  157. Android Auto and iPod?
  158. Same key 2 different cars.
  159. Mitsubishi Space Star / Mirage - Smart Link Navigation (Android Auto)
  160. Heater off, and it heats the car!
  161. Android Head Unit (Xtrons TE706PL)
  162. Swapping stock speakers - Add sound deadening/Dynamat first?
  163. 3d printing floor vents / ducts with dampers
  164. Basic HELP!! Android auto
  165. Replaced front speaker now driver window Auto up/down doesn't work
  166. Sound deadening. Checked the pinned post, has anybody gone about this?
  167. Can I peel back the headliner along the edges without doing any damage?
  168. It's getting wet out again. Any tips for defogging the windshield?
  169. More professional/ comfortable driver seat options?
  170. basic head unit/radio?
  171. should I need to buy a dash panel for aftermarket system?
  172. What is this black box behind the glove box?
  173. Improvements to the Infotainment
  174. Complete Rear Seat Delete
  175. Anybody installed component speakers?
  176. Bluetooth help for a 2015 Mirage ES
  177. What goes here?
  178. DIY: Heater core replacement
  179. Lightweight Speakers?
  180. Worn out seat
  181. Clumsy Size 13 feet + Winter Boots = Frequent Trunk Opening
  182. Installed an Android Radio
  183. Faulty/Blinking Fuel Gauge
  184. Rockford Fosgate OEM Accessory Add on
  185. Dash cam install
  186. Making foot lights
  187. Seat switch removal
  188. Low Heat Output - New Heater Core Denied
  189. Floor Mats
  190. Need help: steering wheel audio remote control problem
  191. Wet floor
  192. Possible to retro fit nav unit from 17GT into an 18 ES
  193. Speaker spacers for rear doors
  194. Mitsubishi Portfolio/First Aid Kit
  195. 2014 radio antenna
  196. Need help: how to replace aircon control bulb
  197. Phone keeps disconnecting from Display Audio w/ Smartphone link system (Android Auto)
  198. Switch question (what is it: phone icon and both an up and down arrow )
  199. Lighten up! New seat covers
  200. Dash Cams Experience
  201. Front seat (how to adjust height?)
  202. Tutorial: Modify box to fit a 24F battery (Large)
  203. Swapping gauge cluster
  204. Blank space next to the Traction Control Switch and Cruise Control On/Off Switch?
  205. 2014 Mirage DE usb device not supported?
  206. Armrest / Storage Center Console (non-Mitsubishi) for Mirage
  207. My right front door speaker puts out no sound.
  208. Weathertech Issue
  209. Mirage head unit replacement - wiring adapters (UK replies only please)
  210. Complete interior removal, with pictures!
  211. JBL GX602 with stock Head unit vs rear comparison
  212. I'm a car audio guy, ask me anything
  213. A comfortable easy slide on thigh/ lumbar support dual cushions?
  214. headunint carplay 2017
  215. Stereo Volume
  216. Broadway mirror (rear)
  217. Steering wheel is hurting my ribs
  218. Sound insulation install, with pictures!
  219. Mirage develops scenic duck pond on rear floor in the rain
  220. How to change CVT shift knob?
  221. Problems with OEM Rockford Frosgate Wiring Install
  222. Converting from auto to manual hvac controls
  223. 6,5 Smart Link Navigation Cable and Antenna Part Numbers
  224. install new HU pioneer AVH-1300NEX - newbie questions
  225. 2017 radio OEM radio problem
  226. any idea where i can find this cage for my head unit
  227. Im having issues with the defrost during summer storms
  228. Which head unit did your Mirage come with?
  229. How to retain factory reverse/backup camera on aftermarket unit
  230. 2019 Driver's Seat Fold Down Armrest
  231. 2019 Antenna???