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  1. 2014 Mirage / Space Star interior photos and pictures
  2. Why does hard plastic offend car reviewers so badly?
  3. Videos & pics: custom Mirage seat covers / upholstery (Thailand)
  4. Combined sat-nav and audio system in the Mirage / Space Star
  5. Install a Rear Camera on Mirage / Space Star
  6. How do you like the factory/stock stereo in your Mirage?
  7. Adding sound insulation to your Mirage?
  8. Double Din Fascia (can someone in Thailand get me one?)
  9. Speaker Sizes - what does the Mirage come with?
  10. Interior Lighting
  11. do the Mirage's front seats recline flat?
  12. How to properly soundproof
  13. How to set clock
  14. Thai people, come in !
  15. Any problems for iOS7 users and bluetooth connectivity?
  16. Changing of gauge cluster backlight
  17. Mirage Center Console w/ Arm Rest
  18. Interior, Audio & Video Sticky Index (look here for good info)
  19. How to set the 2014 Mirage standard clock
  20. Navigation system Model HELP; USA specific
  21. Does the blue LED floor illumination stay on all the time?
  22. Mirage Speakers
  23. cigarette lighter plug relay or not? always on or switched off
  24. any problems choosing/fitting baby seats or a stroller inside?
  25. Push Start button Ralli Art
  26. Mitsubishi video: using the Dual Zone Climate Control System
  27. How to Remove/Replace the Interior Filter / Pollen Filter
  28. Video demos/how-to: Mirage Navigation system operation (U.S.)
  29. Video demos: Mirage Navigation bluetooth link/pair phone, stream music, make calls
  30. Audio question (upgrading stock speakers)
  31. Help : How to remove Factory Head Unit
  32. Dash kit for aftermarket radio?
  33. My Mirage just got louder
  34. Shift knob and short throw
  35. How to remove radio front panel/fascia?
  36. Cruise Control (adding to car using OEM parts/switches)
  37. Mirage MID (Multi Information Display) service reminder / wrench icon
  38. lowering the seats or put new seats in I am looking
  39. Mirage Audio/Stereo Install/Removal and Audio Wiring Schematic
  40. speaker opinions: what 6.5s with most bass?
  41. Mirage USB input compatibility (Windows, Android, iPhone, other?)
  42. Philippine 2014 Mirage: to back up sensor? camera?
  43. Finally got the aftermarket radio installed
  44. Brodit Phone Holder with power cable fixed above mirror
  45. Seat colors?
  46. Shift Knob and Skirt
  47. HOW-TO: Stereo / Speaker / Amp Installation (Radio/Speaker/Inner Door Trim Removal)
  48. Active Subwoofer without Subwoofer?
  49. Aftermarket Radio and wheel mounted controls
  50. Installing rear dome light
  51. Rear speaker wiring
  52. Got this neat little shift knob at Auto Zone
  53. USB input or MP3, how to change or go over to next folder?
  54. Mirage ES Bluetooth (how to disable?)
  55. 12v Plug died using 2x 18" LED Strips Rated @ 1A
  56. Enjoying the CD-mounted phone holder in my Mirage
  57. All-Weather Rubber Mats
  58. Question- Wiring speakers to sub with crossover
  59. Rear View Mirror With Garage Door Opener
  60. Bazooka Tube Sub Under Back Seat?
  61. Day 1 Potential Problems 1 (Bluetooth mic?) Update: warranty replacement
  62. Nav Unit Connections
  63. Installing a new headunit and your warranty
  64. Ouch
  65. What does your aftermarket head unit look like?
  66. Traction Off Button
  67. Seat material quality question
  68. Sleeping in the Mirage?
  69. "Crawlspace" in glovebox
  70. storage bin above glove box door
  71. shifter knob
  72. Blue light and gear selector light
  73. Best Place To Tap Into Speaker Wires For Sub Hookup?
  74. DIY: installing aftermarket lighted CVT gearshift surround
  75. How to start engine if keyless entry battery dies?
  76. Push to Start issues! (After new head unit installation)
  77. Watching TV
  78. Dead pedal?
  79. Usb/Stereo
  80. Din install kit
  81. How deep of a speaker can we put in?
  82. Mirage dead pedal options
  83. Sound Proofing
  84. console
  85. Dog Lovers (small modification to make more room in back)
  86. A/C Recirculator Automatically Turned Off (not in Auto Mode)
  87. Cd install made service engine light come on
  88. Mirage sedan: Rear seatback can't be folded? Really?
  89. Tinted Windows w/ 3m Crystalline
  90. Does someone have alldata or something like that?
  91. Mounting a subwoofer under passenger seat
  92. 2014 Mirage DE Bluetooth Question
  93. bluetooth phonebook
  94. A few questions (disconnecting battery, remove passenger seat to mount amp?)
  95. Adding lumbar support
  96. Back seat delete?
  97. 2015 Mirage G4 Start Engine Button Optional (aftermarket installation?)
  98. Looking for Actuator.
  99. seat covers (with Mitsubishi logo, airbag safe)
  100. How do you get rid of the new car smell?
  101. Cabin air filter
  102. DIY: Removing the rear seats (turn your Mirage into a mini cargo van)
  103. Shutting the tpms light off on dash
  104. DIY Homelink Garage Opener
  105. Need a question answered! Hoping someone knows the answer?!
  106. DIY: Front speaker replacement
  107. Aftermarket seats
  108. Newest project, interior LED lights for less than $20
  109. More storage (custom rear storage compartment & flat load floor)
  110. the clock... what's up? (not keeping accurate time)
  111. Audio and Android phone
  112. where did you mount your Xm radio?
  113. Ignition switch hole plug ?
  114. USB music loading
  115. WeatherTech floor liners / mats
  116. Eco light from Japan
  117. Seeking Aftermarket Seat covers and Mats
  118. How to connect Bluetooth audio on Nav system 2014 Mirage
  119. Airbag brand/manufacturer?
  120. Custom leather upholstered seat covers
  121. Gauge cluster mods? Can you change the colours?
  122. How to adjust maintenance reminder interval?
  123. Turn off the Biip-ing sound
  124. Leopard/Hello Kitty Interior:
  125. H.u.d.
  126. Do Manual gear shift knobs fit CVT Mirages?
  127. Help with alarm installation
  128. [ASK] how to disassambly Head Unit panel from dashboard
  129. Aftermarket bucket seats
  130. blower fan bearing noise
  131. Adjustable armrest
  132. What direction to take with my under seat subwoofer
  133. Does your base Mirage (no fog lights) have the fog light switch?
  134. Placement of the outdore tmp sensor?
  135. Subs advice?
  136. Front speaker replacement.
  137. Keyless Entry remotes and key fobs (useful range / testing the battery)
  138. instrument lamps (LED or incandescent?)
  139. My blower motor noise
  140. Fan blower??? (At what point does the AC come on?)
  141. Speed sensitive power locks
  142. 120kmh warning
  143. "Hands free system is locked, please state passcode" (bluetooth)
  144. Weather Tech floor mat group buy. Post if you're interested.
  145. Oem all weather floor mats
  146. mopar arm rest with same mirage part number!!!!
  147. Oem all season floor mats
  149. Molded OEM floor mats
  150. Bluetooth Pass Code
  151. Steering column lock with KOS/FAST one touch start??
  152. Difficulties with Playing from UB
  153. Car Audio Subs
  154. How to reset service wrench icon?
  155. Cabin air filter replacement
  156. does our factory stereo have RCA outputs?
  157. Any way to disable unused "inputs" on the factory stereo?
  158. usb port (device charging?)
  159. Weather Tech floor mat Mod
  160. Listening to music through USB
  161. Reprogram FAST key?
  162. CD stuck in the player
  163. Radio and Key issues [Update: solved!Check for loose fuse]
  164. how to change cluster gauge light? I mean the color
  165. Some Mirages have a "cell phone cubby/shelf" above the glove compartment
  166. Hidden wire/cable (what is this unused wire/connector under the driver seat?)
  167. Car Info Head Unit (PH)
  168. Radio Volume
  169. Rear door speaker installation
  170. chrome rear door handles
  171. Audio sometimes starts from tack 1
  172. How to do some noise dampening (adding adhesive tar/bitumen tiles)
  173. Internal wirings pics
  174. Upgraded trunk liner, glove box liner, & more
  175. Front seats and side air bags
  176. Hanging stuff inside a Mirage with magnets
  177. Manual Shifter
  178. Phone/Cig/gadget holder
  179. Yaris arm rest side wobble fix
  180. Cruise control in action
  181. Seats height
  182. How good is the automatic A/C in hot, humid weather ?
  183. New shift knob 5MT
  184. Automatic CVT Shift Knob
  185. Stereo troubles
  186. seat cover?
  187. Reflections in the windshield, geting rid of
  188. Speed auto lock @20 Km/h For Mirage & Attrage
  189. Change LED meter Full colour (instrument cluster)
  190. Where to mount gauges?
  191. Bluetooth in DE vs ES
  192. ES radio wanted or a good impersonator!?
  193. USDM or AUDM or UKDM wiring diagram needed
  194. Dangerous seat belt issue?
  195. Sat/Nav DVD player for my Mirage 2014
  196. Bigger Battery and Alternator
  197. Best set up for stock audio
  198. Component Speakers
  199. How would you remove the central air vent dials?
  200. Blue liquid on car battery
  201. New JVC Head unit installed
  202. Floor Illumination Connection?
  203. Adding steering remote controls
  204. 4 inch Pioneer speakers
  205. Mirage: Total Storage (Seats Down)
  206. How to Strengthen Back Surface of Rear Seat ?
  207. Mirage, interior dimensions
  208. Interior Mods Gallery: pics of Mirages with interior customization & A/V mods
  209. Instrument panel lighting
  210. My AC stopped blowing air
  211. Steering wheel emblem colour change
  212. Gauge cluster lighting change fail
  213. Mirage/Space Star Android multimedia system + installation kit
  214. Underwhelmed after 4 speaker install
  215. Cheaper Alternative to Weather Tech Floormats?
  216. Window problem
  217. Gauge calibration
  218. Custom-fitting some winter floor mats
  219. Climate control (COLD air blowing on feet on HOT setting)
  220. Smart phone dock recommendations?
  221. Mirage MMES Phone call problem
  222. Tv Tuner installation
  223. Leather steering wheel wear
  224. USB port?
  225. is this a good speaker?
  226. One touch window switch problem - SOLVED
  227. Burns/Heat under the back seat
  228. Aftermarket Speakers with Stock Nav Unit?
  229. Glovebox compartment light (Idea)
  230. Lights in the back seat (rear dome light)
  231. USB Playback Order
  232. Original seat covers
  233. dome light stopped working...9 months ago
  234. Adding Sound Dampening (DIY instructions, with photos)
  235. OEM Headunit
  236. Can i use this as a sub?
  237. How do you pause a song?
  238. DIY: How to install a dashcam (hard wired to the Fuse box)
  239. ROLL CALL (Bellevue, WA) Planted Technology Seat Brackets Development!
  240. Seat belt chime disable?
  241. New dash pad
  242. Anybody else have volume issues with their Mirage DE?
  243. MP3 files from USB flash drive - Occasional popping and clicking
  244. Slow to load MP3s after turning on car?
  245. Trick to getting MP3 track title to stay on display
  246. Fast key light on
  247. Mystery part
  248. Ambient temperature sensor/display (activating temp display in MID via ETACS)
  249. New Shift Knob Help
  250. Mirage RF Edition Bluetooth Audio