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  2. Top 10 countries who visit Mirage Forum: U.S., Philippines, Canada, Australia...
  3. New feature online now: fuel economy log / fuel consumption tracking
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  5. Split sub-forums: separated "news" from "reviews"
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  8. Fly your colours! Country flags added to profiles (new feature)
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  10. GARAGE feature on the site - show off your ride! Now 700 entries!
  11. You may start noticing some COLTS around here soon
  12. We have our 100th member
  13. Mitsubishi dealer spreading the word about the forum
  14. New Attrage / G4 sedan added to header
  15. New MirageForum home page and "selected threads"
  16. How to add photos/pictures to your posts
  17. Gmail users, please help. Just sent our monthly MirageForum email newsletter.
  18. Look at this Garage photo (it's what you get if you don't add your own!)
  19. Happy Birthday to us! MirageForum is one year old. Win a Mirage! (Toy)
  20. Server down time (Friday Feb. 7)
  21. FYI: planned server maintenance (tomorrow, Friday Feb. 28)
  22. We're back -- sorry for server down time - Garage feature temporarily offline
  23. Adding your Mirage to the garage (temporary bug / workaround)
  24. Forum issue
  25. Get your Mirage Forum decals! (and see if you can get a free one too)
  26. Having Trouble getting my Fuelly signature badge to work properly
  27. New user titles - help us come up with something cool
  28. Happy second birthday to us! MirageForum turns 2! Win birthday prizes!
  29. Woohoo! Passed 1,00,000 km (600k mi) in our fuel economy tracker
  30. Taking a picture with your cell phone
  31. 1000 members... Now 2000!
  32. Why Your iPhone Photos Are Upside Down & How To Fix That
  33. Posting avatar/profile picture?
  34. Heads up: planned server outage: Saturday 03:00 (AM) EST
  35. Fuel log
  36. Happy third birthday to us! MirageForum turns 3! Win a "Mirage Money" prize!
  37. New Feature: Featured Topcs
  38. Surprising garage stats: comparing numbers of CVT vs. manual Mirage owners
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  42. Heads up: planned server outage Thursday 07:00 (AM) EST
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  44. General reminder: please watch your language - keep it family friendly
  45. Average age of forum members (also youngest / oldest)
  46. New garage feature: entries with most photos / most description
  47. Happy 5th birthday to us! MirageForum turns five!! (Win some birthday prizes!)
  48. Contest! Win a fuel economy gauge / OBD-II dashboard computer by posting in the forum
  49. Mitsubishi Truck
  50. Forum & server upgrade - keep an eye out for errors
  51. Forum & server upgrade - keep an eye out for errors