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  1. Mirage Modifications, Customizations, and DIY list
  2. Just curious - do these cars have starter grind protection?
  3. Warranty Transfer used Mirage
  4. ETACS tweaks?
  5. alex16 2014 ES 5MT Upgrade, build thread
  6. A few interesting links...
  7. A-pillar fastener to hang stuff in the Mirage?
  8. Fuel cap
  9. Minus 25C warmup.... (can you remote lock the car when it's idling?)
  10. What would be your dream modification to your mirage?
  11. Parts Availability?
  12. windshield washer tank fix (won't fill completely)
  13. Looked at your exhaust after the winter?
  14. A/C compressor noise - Is this normal?
  15. Several seconds of turning over before starting?
  16. odd thing happening in 2015 mirage es [Solved: loose fuse insert]
  17. idle surge
  18. Engine oil capacity
  19. What to use?
  20. ABS light,stability control light and stability control off light all on.
  21. In Reverse
  22. Horn fuse location
  23. Changing the service interval on the MID?
  24. Removing AC from timing belt
  25. Manifold vacuum readings
  26. Battery concern (inside light dims when operating power windows)
  27. Potential for modifying ECU/ECM settings?
  28. Want colder a/c ?
  29. 45 psi = better steering feel
  30. Fog Light Surrounds
  31. Exhaust cat back custom video
  32. "Overspeed Warning" with NAVIGATION..
  33. Weird issue - acceleration stopped at 3500RPM
  34. regular ,mid grade or premium fuel ….FYI
  35. Very LOUD Wind Noise
  36. A new exhaust video found!
  37. weird scratching noise when engine breaking with second gear
  38. Performance Mods
  39. drive line vibration/noise
  40. Alarm
  41. Wife wants HID
  42. Glass fog lights
  43. 1999 Mirage is starting to have power issues between low gear changes!? Advice
  44. Dealership Repairs
  45. Coolant
  46. Oil Change (with pics)
  47. Horn replacement problem
  48. P0302 #2 cylinder misfire
  49. LED strip installation
  50. Prevent from Rust
  51. Oil Catch Can
  52. Does The European 2013 Space Star/Mirage use CAN Bus ?
  53. Grinding noise from ventilation fan?
  54. Keyhole to start engine! (In Mirage with pushbutton start)
  55. power fluctuating / headlights dimming problem
  56. 2014 mirage. AC not blowing air
  57. Rear Humidifier not working
  58. How do you prepare your car for winter?
  59. oil filter 1230A152
  60. Does using Premium gas have any negative effects? (2015 CVT ES)
  61. Car windshield wiper nozzle
  62. Tilted to the left side (LHD)
  63. Cherry Bomb Glasspack
  64. hood latch problem -- SOLVED
  65. Scorpion Exhaust
  66. gas pedal suddenly not working!
  67. 2017 Mirage parts compatibility.
  68. Voltage Stabilizers
  69. Smell inside cabin when starting? (odour like fuel when very cold)
  70. heater (not getting warm enough)
  71. Horn Problem (strong when car on; weak when car off) SOLVED!
  72. New cams for 2017?
  73. AC compressor cycling on/off every 10 seconds or so in cool weather.
  74. Shop Manuals Available?
  75. Found Complete Service Manual & Wiring Diagrams Mirage 2015
  76. Power Inverter (want to permanently install in car -- advice?)
  77. Other maintenance questions about the Mirage?
  78. Rostra Aftermarket Cruise Control Mod
  79. Brake Discs
  80. EDR: Event Data Recording
  81. Multi-Mirage Garages: Electronic Key Programming
  82. Swedish Wrecking Yard
  83. 2015 Attrage (Thailand built for Laos market) rattling/clicking sound when A/C on
  84. I will be mad!!!!
  85. FAST Key Programming
  86. Just did: Oil change and 5MT fluid change
  87. 120 km/h light
  88. Anyone Install an Aftermarket Remote Start in ES Push Start
  89. Making copies of keys with chips?
  90. Check Engine Light OBDII code P1590.
  91. Headlight - auto shut off?
  92. Alpine SPR60 300W 6" Coaxial 2-Way Speakers
  93. ECO Mod: Howto reduce level of enrichment when cold
  94. How to find supercharger
  95. Need help finding holes in firewall
  96. Help, towing capacity for 2015 Mirage ES CVT
  97. Does anyone where do you buy this?
  98. can 18" rim fit a mirage?
  99. My dealer says .39 rear toe is within spec
  100. What happens if I exceed weight?
  101. So maybe I'm late but suddenly recalls?
  102. 2014 35000km mirage problems
  103. Recommended Oil change intervals
  104. wanted to share this, parts and breakdowns
  105. Factory Repair Manuals
  106. coolant - at low line in reservoir
  107. Wondering about 50k plus cars, oil consumption?
  108. Anyone having A/C issues? (not cold, compressor cycling every few seconds)
  109. Bigger Battery?
  110. Setting of door and liftgate unlock function
  111. Howling noise at certain speeds (Solved: bad front wheel bearing)
  112. Passenger Airbag Light
  113. Front defrost, engine power fluctuations
  114. Scary smell on steep hills! Help!
  115. Strange engine sound.
  116. A/C Compressor Help Needed
  117. Heater core failure followed by FAST key failure
  118. towing help in my 2015 mirage es 5 speed
  119. Dragging the mirage
  120. Location of ECM
  121. How much can the mirage actually haul?
  122. Radiator fan noise
  123. Which wire should a Load Resister be spliced into?
  124. New spacestar fog lights
  125. 2014 DE Mirage 23k miles on it .... Noise at startup (recently)
  126. Cigarette lighter fuse blown
  127. Battery Longevity
  128. Side Mirror Puddle lights
  129. Sound heard at fixed speed
  130. 2015 DE - Is rough idle normal?
  131. Sudden Code P0068 and stalling issues, then everything seems OK.
  132. Strange noise coming from my 2015 Mirage DE 5-speed
  133. wiring harness info needed for 2015 mirage
  134. Local dealer has a sense of humor...
  135. 2015 Mirage ALIGNMENT ISSUE
  136. So I towed a car with my mirage.
  137. Fuel gauge inaccurate?
  138. Tyre and Rim Replacement
  139. Engine Belt Issues
  140. Led lighting
  141. Horn question
  142. Flat Tire- Replacement Advice?
  143. Wont start help
  144. Tubes from windscreen washer
  145. Programming Chip Key using only 1 original key
  146. 2014 mirage radiator leaking, don't get screwed!!
  147. A/C takes 20 min to blow cold air
  148. First check engine light at 232000kms
  149. Vibration while accelerating caused by ice?
  150. The infamous hill holder on the '17 (how to disable)
  151. Clutch adjustment and other clutch question
  152. Check engine light P0498 (Evap wiring issue & soluton -- check yours)
  153. Mirage G4 GLX 2016. Won't start & can't take key off
  154. E85 fuel in a mirage
  155. Belt and air filter at 95,000 miles
  156. Installing a rear view camera, 2017 Mirage
  157. How to remove and replace belt
  158. Good wipers less wind noise
  159. What should be kept in a basic tool set to work on a Mirage in the field??
  160. Strange things happening - SOLVED (burned out tail light bulb caused odd problems)
  161. Thread pitch for 17 5Mt shifter knob
  162. Instrument panel lights go off when lights are on?
  163. LED headlight owners
  164. Starter sounds like it won't disengage.
  165. Airbag light
  166. OIL FILTER non-USA markets
  167. Service Reminder on the CVT?
  168. Brake pads
  169. Headlight/turn signal switch
  170. What is this?
  171. Air Conditioner Transplant
  172. Anyone have a parts catalog?
  173. Block heater melts brake line and causes fuel delivery issues?
  174. 2017 Mirage no start/s
  175. How to request --- etacs
  176. Fluid Capacities/Types Chart
  177. Foam Spray
  178. Help Requested!- Horn Replacement Becomes Electronics and Key Not Working
  179. VSS speed?
  180. Tire pressure sensor and puncture kit..
  181. Is a horn relay required?
  182. Breakdown blues
  183. Dolores first oil change filter will not budge
  184. Custom Exhaust for 2014 Mirage
  185. P0400, SMOG Test : Incomplete Readiness
  186. Question about a squeak!
  187. Why are 2015 mirage so slow?
  188. Factory Driving/Fog Lamp Install - DIY
  189. Recharging the A/C with refrigerant—where is the low-pressure valve?
  190. Clicking Noise
  191. Oil Cooler
  192. Flushing / Decarbonizing
  193. Gearbox oil for MT, non-American source
  194. Mirage muffler options?
  195. Passenger Door not unlocking via keyfob/button, but can be manually controlled
  196. How to take off taillights for tinting???
  197. How to disable ABS
  198. HELP! weird chassis oscillation - 2017 Mirage test drive at dealer
  199. Pin hole in rad.
  200. Tearing apart 15' mirage
  201. Oem sidemarker bulb is replaceable
  202. MAp Sensor - Transmission Issue Mirage 2014 - 1000cc - Thailand Made Right Hand Drive
  203. TPMS won't go off
  204. Catastrophic AC clutch failure?
  205. Air bag warning light help needed please.
  206. Having problems with my FAST key!!! HELP!! (SOLVED - caused by proximity badge)
  207. Where is the fuel pump relay located?
  208. Oil Change and I Broke plastic rivet fasteners
  209. Some questions: how to check MPG? Fuel additives? Alignment (front tires wearing)?
  210. Added water to (Original) battery
  211. Abs and traction control lights on by Burnt out brake lights!
  212. Radio (am/fm) doesn't work unless I turned the Bluetooth off on my phone
  213. Scraping noise coming from front brakes
  214. 80+ mph for cruising in a 5MT
  215. Heater core update
  216. A/C sometimes doesn't kick in right away
  217. 6th Gen Mirage: Tuner/Power Programmer/ECU/Piggyback. Where are we now?
  218. Rear washer fluid stopped working - front still works
  219. Massive misfire cylinder 1 -- SOLVED (wire corrosion)
  220. Horns arrive Wednesday.
  221. Srs-ecu recall
  222. Onboard fuel calculator
  223. MY first experience with hill start assist
  224. Horns are in. Quick clips.
  225. Key interchangeablility
  226. Speedometer is fast, 2nd Mirage with same problem
  227. TC working full time
  228. 2014 Mirage ES cruise control stopped working
  229. Flickering electrical system voltage issues?
  230. Coolant temp indicator
  231. Bad mix of components for ODB
  232. Heater core and oil consumption question
  233. DIY! Inexpensive Ramp
  234. Hitch mounted carrier, 2" tube, only 1 1/4" on recieiver
  235. Windshield washer pump out already?!?!
  236. Registering a new key in Canada
  237. Does a 4A91 engine fit our mirage?
  238. Exide battery - have they improved lately?
  239. Fan airflow Climate control vs. Manual AC
  240. Service reminder
  241. is there anyone driven their mirage from socal to las vegas?
  242. Aux Fan makes Rad cooler ("pusher" fan for improved A/C performance)
  243. Accident
  244. What oil change intervals are we following for 1.2’s doing 4000rpm?
  245. Airbag code B1558 - anyone with the right tool want to make some money?
  246. Fuse type in Mirage
  247. Cooling fluid for atragge 2015
  248. Thicker Oil - Mobil 1 0W40 European???
  249. Installing dashcam on attrage
  250. Tier pressure in Attrage