Log for: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage Es

Drivetrain: 1.2 L, 5-speed

  Fuel log graph
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2015-06-20 194.5 mi
313.02 km
2.62 gal (US)
9.92 L
2.18 gal (Imp)
2.59 74.2 mpg (US)
89.2 mpg (Imp)
3.2 L/100 km
31.6 km/L
Wife was asked to work out of town so she is going to use the car for a week. I filled up early.

this was No AC or fan used, a lot of Engine off coasting. had to drive some in heavy rains with the defroster on one day. other than that just easy sailing.

thanks for reading.
2015-05-25 210 mi
337.96 km
3.1 gal (US)
11.73 L
2.58 gal (Imp)
2.39 67.7 mpg (US)
81.4 mpg (Imp)
3.5 L/100 km
28.8 km/L
All back road driving with lots of coasting some engine on and some engine off.
2015-05-18 354 mi
569.71 km
5.8 gal (US)
21.96 L
4.83 gal (Imp)
61.0 mpg (US)
73.3 mpg (Imp)
3.9 L/100 km
25.9 km/L
I filled it up till it kicked off and then filled it till I could see it. This was lots of back roads and some HWY. No Ac. and lots of engine off coasting. I used the A avg mpg on this tank, next tank i am using the B avg mpg to see the difference. Tires pumped up to 44 psi and rain guards are all that isnt the way i drove it off the lot.
2015-05-08 211 mi
339.57 km
4.3 gal (US)
16.28 L
3.58 gal (Imp)
49.1 mpg (US)
58.9 mpg (Imp)
4.8 L/100 km
20.9 km/L
Half of this was with the wife driving (I did ask her to keep it at 60, she bounced between 60 and 65. I would say about 60 percent hwy the rest was back roards and when i could i was driving the hwy like I was on the back roads.. I also let my youngest step son and an old friend of mine drive the car.they both were really impressed with the peppiness of the 3 cylinder with the 5 speed and blown away at the MPGs. The A avg meter read 53 mpg when i filled the car and the actual mpg was 49. also about 75 percent of this was with the AC on
2015-05-03 145 mi
233.35 km
3.4 gal (US)
12.87 L
2.83 gal (Imp)
42.7 mpg (US)
51.2 mpg (Imp)
5.5 L/100 km
18.1 km/L
brought the car home from the dealer. and started learning what i could do to get better mpgs. About half of these miles were Hwy and the other half were back roads with lots of engine on and engine off coasting.

I like the simplicity of the engine off coasting BUT i am not sure if it still gives you correct numbers due to part of that time there is no speedometer working.

also the AC was on and set at 78 during anytime the car was driven because we had the windows tinted and have to leave them rolled up for the first 3 days.

I may do this next tank with all engine on coasting and then one with engine off coasting. just to see the difference. Still lovin the car. the mpgs this tank didnt impress me but i have an odd feeling that it is going to get a lot better.