Log for: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage DE

Drivetrain: 1.2 L, CVT

  Fuel log graph
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2015-11-30 221 mi
355.67 km
4.95 gal (US)
18.74 L
4.12 gal (Imp)
44.7 mpg (US)
53.6 mpg (Imp)
5.3 L/100 km
19.0 km/L
2015-11-30 213 mi
342.79 km
5.7 gal (US)
21.58 L
4.75 gal (Imp)
37.4 mpg (US)
44.8 mpg (Imp)
6.3 L/100 km
15.9 km/L
2015-11-17 196.6 mi
316.4 km
5.227 gal (US)
19.79 L
4.35 gal (Imp)
2.29 37.6 mpg (US)
45.2 mpg (Imp)
6.3 L/100 km
16.0 km/L
My wife is the primary driver of this vehicle. She's a more aggressive driver than I am, and and it shows. That said, this was another different pump. We've got a few fill-ups before we really see what sort of economy we are getting.
2015-11-09 110.3 mi
177.51 km
1.73 gal (US)
6.55 L
1.44 gal (Imp)
63.8 mpg (US)
76.6 mpg (Imp)
3.7 L/100 km
27.1 km/L
I always top off my tank at this station, when visiting family, about 60 miles away. Fuel prices are excellent, and I run the vehicle through the car wash. My old subaru will drink about 4 gallons on the same trip.

It is notable that I fueled the vehicle at full-service station near the house, prior to this trip. The attendant tends to try to put a few extra squirts into the tank after shutoff, in an attempt to round off the payment. The computer says I'm getting about 48 average MPG.