Owner: luxorboy
Vehicle: 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage ES
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Engine size: 1.2 L
Transmission: automatic
Options, modifications & other details: I bought this car brand new and took possession on March, 12, 2022. The buying experience at Biggers Mitsubishi located in Elgin, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, was surprisingly pleasant and positive beginning to end.

Additional accessories: Armrest Console. Tonneau Cover. Carpeted Floor mats. Otherwise, totally stock.

I love this car because I fully understand it's purpose and at that it excels. At just over 10,000 miles, so far I haven't even needed an adjustment. Everything works! My Mirage's only downside is that there is a 25% drop in mpg when the air conditioner is on. But thankfully, the AC is excellent as is the heater.

(Created: 2022-03-17 18:41:28 / Modified: 2024-02-22 14:36:07)