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  1. 2016 redesigned Mirage info (Australia) - revised steering, no new engine?


    For the 2016 model year, the Australian Mirage hatch & sedan gets the familiar styling update as seen in the North American 2017 model.

    Interestingly, this article describes revisions to...
  2. Sounds like small cars have recovered slightly...

    Sounds like small cars have recovered slightly since July:

    The Mirage is doing slightly better than average:

  3. The final tally is in. I filled up the tank and...

    The final tally is in. I filled up the tank and just returned the car. 318.5 miles later I filled up on 6.5 gallons of gas for a total of 49 mpg. I'm impressed (not with myself, but the car).

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    Rental Kia Rio vs. Mitsubishi Mirage ES

    I own a '14 Mirage ES with navigation. On a recent trip to California I rented a '14 Kia Rio for 2 weeks.

    Here is my comparison of the 2 vehicles:


    The Kia had far fewer features...
  5. my fuel economy in the Mirage: 46% above the EPA rating

    More from my notes with the Mirage... I added a fuel log entry:

    In MPG US,...
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    Australia: Mirage G4 sedan commercial
  7. Yes, that would be very good to find out. ...

    Yes, that would be very good to find out.

    "Fixing" the handling/steering also lowers some of the common criticism of the car. :)

    I find it interesting that he doesn't make any fuss over...
  8. Australia: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage sedan review/first drive (



    A very positive review of the Mirage sedan which has just gone on sale down under. In his "driving" notes the writer declares...

    This review has me feeling VERY positive that...
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    Okay, here we go with day 2. We covered another...

    Okay, here we go with day 2. We covered another 350 miles and started again near sea level in West LA and managed to get several feet short of 8,000 ft. today; at about 7900 ft. (for those of you...
  10. Australia: Mirage named "Best City Car of 2013" w/video (

    Surprise, surprise.

    In a big upset, Mirage upset the VW Polo, which took the award the previous 3 years...
  11. UK: HONESTJOHN Mitsubishi Mirage review (

    Here's their take on the '13 Mirage ....
  12. US: First drive 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage ES - 3rd World motoring (

    WELL! We knew Consumer Reports didn't like the Mirage based on its first mini-report (US: Just In: Small,...
  13. Canada: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage ES Road Test (

    Writer Simon Hill has a bit of fun with this review from the opening line: "In the economical spirit of the...
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    Mirage now cheapest car to BUY in Australia

    We already knew that the Mirage was cheap to own (Mirage is cheapest new car to own/run in Australia...
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    Sticky: Suspension & brake aftermarket parts index

    As the aftermarket develops parts for the Mirage / Spacestar and G4 / Attrage I figured it would be nice to keep a list of available parts we can put on our cars.

    If you know of more parts please...
  16. Information about the Mirage CVT (Jatco CVT7 JF015E) operation, video, diagrams

    The CVT in the Mirage is supplied by Jatco -- Japanese Automatic Transmission Company -- a subsidiary of Nissan...
  17. Australia: Mirage vs. Fiat 500 vs. Micra vs. VW Up (

    Cutting right to the chase: Mirage lands in last place in this review, primarily over criticism of...
  18. Mitsubishi Mirage is the first import in the U.S. from Thailand; further growth ahead

    Automotive News has an article about surging auto production in Thailand, which prominently features Mitsubishi and...
  19. Canada: Big expectations for Mitsubishi’s smallest car (Kelowna Capital News)

    Another mostly favourable Canadian review.

    Interesting trivia:

    No wonder Mitsu unveiled the car in old...
  20. New Zealand: Mitsubishi's star hatchback (

    Good and quick review.

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    Ten kids in a Mitsubishi Mirage!

    The Australian newspaper "The Warwick Daily News" crammed ten kids in a Mitsubishi Mirage and asks its readers to top that.
  22. Malaysia: The new Mirage goes on a new direction (car-

    This is an interesting review. It's quite "extreme" in the sense that it goes from talking quite a lot about the lengths...
  23. Video: Malaysia economy run Jan, 2013: 27 km/L avg; 30.6 kmL top (3.3 LHK, 72 mpg US)

    Here are results of another economy run. Mitsu seems to love doing this to show off the car. Only this time, after the economy run they turned the assembled scribes loose on a race track as well. ...
  24. GARAGE feature on the site - show off your ride! Now 700 entries!

    If you look at the top navigation bar (underneath our green Mirage), you'll see a new feature added today: the "Mirage Garage".


    Enter basic info (year, make, model, trim level,...
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    Australia: Mirage LS 1.2L CVT First Impressions

    Ok, some background and then my first impressions of my new LS CVT. I am coming from a Peugeot 206 Auto. The Peugeot was getting too expensive to maintain and most of my driving is from home to the...
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