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That whole "everyone in the world sells an OEM badged Sidekick" still makes my head spin. My ex described it succintly as "Asuna Walk" . I'm not sure but I think Ingersoll Ont. produced all these things.

As for EV, meh, I'm on the fence. Produce one <$20k and I may bite. Not until. Oh, and I need a 400 mile range.
I think you're right that that Ingersoll car plant produced all those Sidekicks, Metro's, Geos etc. They're suppose to stop making the Equinox next year there and start building something electric.

How are electric cars in the winter, when you have your heater on full blast all the way home? How are your eMPGs then? Can you Krown rust control them? Are the batteries safe in an accident, or in Chevy's case, just driving around and they catch fire. Kinda ironic they called it a Bolt lol