I just did a trip down to Orlando (drove down Friday, drove back Sunday). A coworker and I took a rental car. A Hyundai Elantra. Besides the fact it was an auto, and CVT that "shifts" (as if I'm some dumbass that doesn't know how a CVT is supposed to work so they have to fake in some shifting to make me feel good), the car was OK.

It had like 33k miles on it. Probably the highest mileage rental car I've ever driven. I guess the rental car places are having trouble getting cars too. He and I could have flown and saved roughly 2 hours each leg. But I didn't want to risk running into trouble with the airlines, so he and I drove.

All we wanted to do was get there and get back. I put the cruise on 77 mph and held it there as constant as possible. Full A/C. The car got ~38 mpg. I thought that was pretty decent. But was not interested in it enough that I would ever consider owning one.

I would have taken the Blueberry on this trip, but a rental car was less expensive than the mileage reimbursement.