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Thread: 2022 Mirage G4 rear axle out of alignment

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    2022 Mirage G4 rear axle out of alignment

    I just purchased my 2022 Mirage G4 SE in march of this year. We also have another 2022 g4 SE bought a week earlier and my Mother also bought one a few weeks back. We purchased my car on a Saturday night right before closing. I noticed on the 60 mile drive home the steering was off with the wheel to the left quite a bit and it pulled to the right. I thought it could be tire pressure related. I checked the tires and they were fine. On Monday we called the sales Lady to tell her about the alignment and also a small dent that was on the side of the car. They cover dent less repair for 5 years. Well with my work schedule I haven't had a chance until today for it to be brought in for service. They looked over the car and said the rear axle is out of alignment and that i have a defective front strut. Then they claimed I must have hit something and damaged the car. I explained that the Alignment has been off since I bought it and I'm super OCD with my cars and have hit nothing. There is no visible damage anywhere. I just hit 5,000 miles today. All highway miles to and from Houston to Dallas and my work 40 miles a day. I told them how would A rim or tire not be damaged if I hit something hard enough to damage the rear axle. Anyway they are denying it is a warranty problem and that No parts are available anyway. I called Customer care and they said the dealership has the final say on any repairs. They also said that there are no parts available due to supply issues. Well then what am I supposed to do? It sucks to drive it as its all over the road with the steering. Seems worse lately. Our 2 other cars drive perfect. Any Suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2017G4guy View Post
    ...steering was the left quite a bit and it pulled to the right.
    ...rear axle is out of alignment and that i have a defective front strut.
    ...Any Suggestions?
    It's possible this dealership service department has never heard of a Mirage with a defective rear axle. A few years ago, this was a moderately common issue (maybe upwards of 10% of 2014-2015 Mirages seemed to have a bad rear axle). The problem seems to be much more unusual with the later model Mirages.

    The service manager at this dealership needs to call the Mitsubishi Tech Line to report the problem and open a case. Mitsubishi is well aware of the problem and (hopefully) they can set these guys straight. Check out THIS thread and be sure to read the answer to question #27.

    If you have any alignment numbers, post them...or post a picture of your alignment sheet if you have one.

    The only fix for a rear axle with an alignment problem is to replace the rear axle assembly. If this part is on some sort of national backorder, maybe this is why they are dragging their feet on the repair?


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