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A lower temp thermostat will reduce your MPG & maybe also the life of the engine... Not to mention less Heat in the winter as some have window defrost problems... You may even get a Check Engine Light on for a failed T-Stat... They are designed to run @ 195ish degree so you may see some funny things. If you try it, let us know as I could be ( probably ) totally wrong...
I think klrogers right i remember reading somewhere there is a check engine light for failed thermostat. The computer uses ambient temperature and engine load to estimate how long the engine should take to warm up. If it takes longer than that the check engine light may turn on.

if you can hack in a prius radiator and a small pump. The prius radiator supports 2 coolant loops as the electronics are suppose to run at a cooler temperature. maybe you can use the second loop to cool your CVT?
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