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Thread: 2018 SE Drivers Seat

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    2018 SE Drivers Seat

    My place of work has a spare leather seat with lots of cushion. I'd like to swap the original driver seat with the plush new seat. The new seat has a 4pin connection with motorized adjustments.

    The OEM seat has two, two pin connectors.

    Any information about the OEM wiring/circuitry would be appreciated.

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    Take another look, every Mirage seat that I have seen has 3 connectors. 1 for the seatbelt buckle(idiot light), 1 for the side airbag and 1 for the seat position sensor that's on the front rh edge of the seat track. If the airbag or seat position sensor is unplugged you'll get an airbag light. I'm not sure about the seatbelt one. I think someone had trouble trying to bypass it. Or maybe either the 18's eliminated the seat position sensor or it's not used in the US?

    I posted wiring diagrams for a 2017 Mirage a while back. They are gonna be more relevant than the go-to 2015 service manual from the sketchy Russian site.
    Are you fabbing up your own mount brackets or use some self tappers and call it good?


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