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Thread: Bent radiator bracket

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    Bent radiator bracket

    Friend hit the curb, bent the radiator bracket and cracked the bumper shroud. Didn't hit hard enough to break hoses or anything so drove it that way. Come time to change the oil, what I believe is the mass airflow sensor was pushed into the fan shroud leaving no access from the top to reach the oil filter. Insurance estimate was $2,600. One shop said they could repair the bumper shroud and straighten the radiator bracket for $1,200. Well, a come along, 3 lb hammer, a modified U-bolt and and a few well placed whacks straightened it. On the shroud, the heat gun took out the wrinkle and a piece of aluminum patched the crack.

    The photo shows the the space on the top of the radiator after it was straightened.
    Could someone explain how to keep it from rotating pictures you upload?

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