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@7milesout: Why do you think that? An average for the last 5000 miles is harder to implement than a lifetime (or since last reset) average. In the latter case you only have to add up kilometers and liters and divide that on each other. In the first case you somehow have to know what happened 5000 miles ago to be able to subtract that from the numbers.
Space Wolf: I think that because of $s. Why is it that a dashcam only has X amount of memory and it begins to overwrite? Why doesn't it just record and keep video for the life of the vehicle (or camera)? Because $s. The Mirage is a (great) cheap car, Mitsu is not going to waste money on memory. Granted, this mpg data is far less data than video, but it is still data. And it is simple enough to begin to overwrite the B economy when it reaches whatever its max is. I have NO WAY of proving my theory. And, I could just be plain wrong. But I doubt I am wrong.

Do you think an OEM would squirm over a $0.02 cost up in a vehicle? Go work for Hyundai-Kia. I'm still on liquor and shock therapy to get over those 7 years.

I will say though that I think there are a couple more places on a Mirage that Mitsu could have pinched pennies. But they're Japanese, not Korean.