Not really but just to show how everything has distorted in the last 3 years today I discovered my long forgotten account at Northern Tool, recovered my password and went to my previous purchases. There was my 4' x 4' aluminum trailer ordered Dec 20/2019.

Price? $289, a little more than half of today's price of $489. Shipping. $5. Not a misprint, Shipping cost today? Using 14303 as the destination the cost is $172, not using a truck with a rising ramp.

I'm pretty sure the folding 5 x 8 trailer was $419 and shipping was again, $5.

I'd love to get the 5 x 8 trailer now but $1,172 US is a whole lot of Canadian, roughly $1,650. I can buy brand new galvanized folding trailers up here for $1050 OTD. They weigh a bit more, 245 lb. vs 175 for the aluminum one. The weight of the Canadian trailer is making me shy from it and the cost of the US trailer drives me away.

Anyhow, annoys me is the fact things have basically doubled in the last 3 years. AFAIK raw aluminum hasn't doubled. Wages in China haven't doubled. Tariffs and taxes are about the same. Consumers only have so much disposable income and all these greedy corporate creeps all want to be multi-billionaires on OUR backs.