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Thread: Wolf :: 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ES (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Mirage G4 ES

    Purchased in late 2017 when my son's mom and I were still together. She kept the car until January of 2022 and let me buy it back after she got an expedition.

    Mods list:

    - Daox 3D printed MAF adapter and custom intake.
    - Morakot Racing short shifter (from a 2002 Lancer, ~$40 or so on Amazon. Fits with no mods)
    - NRG Quick Release
    - Tinted sequential fender signals.
    - 15" Ultra 503S Slalom wheels running 175/55r15 tires (these are 0.5% diameter difference from the stock 165/65r14 tires)

    Wish list:
    - 2016-2019 hatch front end swap (A pillar Forward. Hood, fenders, bumper, lights)
    - Godspeed Coilovers
    - Full Ultra Racing bracing package.
    - Rear end (bumper and lights) from an Asian or Mexico delivered car.
    - Projector headlamp retrofit.
    - Supercircuit Header and full stainless exhaust.
    - Cams and tune (maybe?)

    There's probably more I'm missing.

    I love this thing. Best car I've ever owned.


    Fairly stock body minus signal markers.

    That's my buddy's WRX

    NRG 1st gen QR and wheel

    2 inch intake. Motorcycle carb filter. DAOX MAF adapter.

    15" Ultra 503S slalom wearing 175/55r15 tires.

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