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Thread: How long do you plan to keep your Mirage and why?

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    I was just shooting the bull with a friend about him having his cat stolen, and a 2nd time attempt. It would be great to use the same crap that is used to catch rats, those sticky pads, and put a big sticky pad down under a car, and secure the pad to the ground.

    But what if a bad guy freaked out and got his whole face stuck to the pad, ripped his face off and wind up dying from such a thing. Or dying in a bear trap. At least in the states, whoever set such a trap would wind up serving time.

    Back to the drawing board...


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    I was thinking of mounting an airbag filled with shrapnel. Just run a wire along the exhaust, isolated slightly so it doesn't melt...wire it so when wire it cut relay is triggered and poof. But chances are a dot inspector would pull on the wire during a roadside inspection. Bear trap...same thing, chances are a cop chasing a thief would get snagged. There was a local contest to come up with a deterrent for cat thefts with a $50k reward, I only heard about it last week and it ended in November.....
    The problem is nobody cares if they get busted, it's a joke.

    Here's one little recent bust...
    and if you google the one guys name you'll see he was busted 2 years ago with the same crap...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummins View Post
    Bear trap...?
    I find cameras rarely work when you want them to. Though weeks ago I just happened to wake up to an alert at work and got to spook off a would-be cat theif.
    I try not to leave things in plain sight for potential theives to try and steal. I feel I live in a low-crime neighborhood but I'm sure if I left my side by side out in plain sight it would be re-homed eventually.
    The only thing about my house I would change if I could would be a double wide instead of a double long garage. Once I have stuff in the front, well, unless I want to re arrange it all certain things have to be parked outside. This is the first time I've had someone try to steal a trailer. It is nice, all aluminum, 5x8, loading ramp, 15" box, tongue wheel, etc this attempt is new to me. I don't get it, between my Saturn and my Mirage they would need to lift the trailer over the Mirage roof to swipe it.

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