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Thread: Not sure if I should fix this or just leave it off the car.

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    She gets noisy without...

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    I'm betting it doesn't come close to my 2000 Dodge Cummins or my 72 Plymouth Scamp...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher_B View Post
    I actually screwed a cable bracket to the size of this and had it zip tied to the fuel rail. You can just see it in the first picture but I suspect one mght have to know what they are looking for. it is on the snorkel in the picture but now i have removed it.
    I also had a zip tie around the two halves. From what I have read most seem to have vibration where the snorkel/resonator assy attaches to the air box. My car actually seemed to get better mpg without the assembly but that might change in the summer when the underhood temps are at their highest.
    The noise without it wasn't very bad at all. Mostly noticeable at more than half throttle.
    After splitting the snorkel and doing some work it seems corrected.
    Attachment 24661
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    Attachment 24665

    After drilling 7/32" holes in the "spot welded" areas I split the snorkel.
    Then cleaned with dishsoap and wax/grease remover.
    Adhesion promotor directions called for 36 grit to rough the mating surfaces but all I had was 50 so used that.
    After spraying with the adhesion promotor and letting it dry for 10 minutes I applied the SEM plastic repair adhesive.
    Then i used plastic rivets in the holes and clamped everything down.
    The SEM was past its shelf life and came out difficult very tacky.
    After curing overnight everything seems strongly bonded.

    I am by no means an expert in plastic repair. In reality a sensor safe rtv silicone may have filled the gap enough to cease vibrations just as well and probably much cheaper.
    Great fix!

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