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Thread: Universal All-Fit lip/Air dam potential

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohammad View Post
    The mirage already has an air dam where it matters most, in front of the wheels. I dont think you will ever see a Return on investment on an air dam. At least adding a smooth underbody as others have done( would help retain heat during warmup and in the colder months.
    Mo! I haven't seen you post for awhile. Good to hear from you again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummins View Post
    What if there isn't much if airgap in the cartridge block heater. The ones that say Mitsu on the box come with some grease that you smear on before installing it. I assume it's to help transfer heat to the better and/or prevent dissimilar metal corrosion?

    I found this winter mild so far, except for one cold stretch. I'm fine with mild winter. My house has crappy 1978 insulation and windows. Our latest power+gas bill was close to what I paid for my Mirage. I had to take in my empties to pay it!

    I think it's time to buy a wood stove before they're outlawed...

    As for the airdam, it seems like Mitsubishi keeps making the little flaps(air dams) under the front bumper larger for each refresh. The 14-15 have little rubber flaps, 17-21 have slightly larger ones and added some in front of the rear wheels. Now the 23' I had in the shop has some even bigger ones if I'm not mistaken. Or maybe they just look bigger cause they're usually either worn down or torn off of most of the cars I see?

    I watched a video where they took a dodge pickup and did a mpg comparison with the stock air damn installed versus removed. The verdict was that having the ugly airdam/valance installed did noticably help mpg. They also did another test comparing the difference a tonneau cover makes which showed similar results.
    Isn't mileage for a pick up supposed to rise a lot when the rear gate is down? Something like it acting like a giant air brake at highway speeds destroying gas mileage if you leave it in the up position. I recall from being a delivery driver in the early 80's on the Toronto->Windsor run with a Ford F150 with the 360 engine I had to make 3 stops for gas going there (the rear gate was up) and I only needed 2 stops for gas on the return to Toronto leg with the rear gate down. The weight was really close both ways, about 1200 lb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallythacker View Post
    Isn't mileage for a pick up supposed to rise a lot when the rear gate is down?
    You're just trying to start a fight...


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