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Thread: Canadians really should buy this find at Princess Auto

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    Canadians really should buy this find at Princess Auto

    I missed this item when I bought my cheap but good torque wrench. If you really want to be sure, 100% sure your wheels are torqued properly but don't want a device that needs care and attention then buy this beam torque wrench.

    It's cheaper than a breaker bar of the same size! And unlike a click torque wrench these beam wrenches can be used to remove nuts and bolts without ruining the wrench. You cannot kill a beam wrench. Mine must be 75 years old handed down again and again and it's still within 2-3% of spec.

    Forget using the Mitsubishi tire wrench, Throw it away and only use this. You'll never snap a stud, strip a thread or otherwise bugger something up. This should be purchased at the same time someone buys their first socket set. In fact they shouldn't be allowed to sell socket sets without making sure the buyer has a beam torque wrench. You can toss this beam wrench anywhere in the back with no worry. You could probably stow it somewhere under the hood with velcro if you wanted and no amount of snow or salt will bother it. Hmm, unless the numbers disolve. But I doubt they will, the paint used to sikscreen these things is probably the toughest grade available.

    Never, ever again will the "give 'er just a bit more" result in a "Oh F***, it snapped."

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    The beam type are super durable and it’s easy to see if it’s out of whack. The click style and other newer types are better for job speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ylekot View Post
    The beam type are super durable and itís easy to see if itís out of whack. The click style and other newer types are better for job speed.
    I like the concept of an affordable drive beam torque wrench. If you are not a mechanic using your tools every day, this is a great alternative for someone using it to change tires & such.

    It's a great suggestion for those who don't want to drop big money on a more expensive torque wrench.

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