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Thread: Oil filters

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    Quote Originally Posted by klroger View Post
    I Agree!! I think the use of oil filters are over rated. My Volkswagen has a bigger engine(1.5L) holds less oil (Max 2.5Liters) & has never had an Oil Filter. VW recommended regular oil changes (5000 km or 3000mi) & so far I've followed that. I think if you do regular service it's more important then what filter you use. Any filter is better then none, but I can say that a filter that has a color you like is probably a good one
    I'm someone who did 3,000 mile oil changes (conventional oil/cheap oil filter) for decades. I never even considered synthetic oil until I bought my 2011 Forester in 2013 (ten years ago). 0W-20 was just becoming the norm for many vehicles at the time, & it made me re-evaluate things somewhat.

    I find some comfort knowing Steve's plastic car (2014 Mirage) went 307,000 miles (before he sold it) without issue. Since he was granted free oil changes for most of those miles, I think he was good about having it done every 5,000 miles (5W-30 conventional oil/cheap oil filter done by a Cadillac dealership).

    If given the choice -

    I would pick a cheaper Super Tech full synthetic oil/low to mid-grade oil filter changed every 5,000 miles over a top of the line oil & filter brand changed every 10,000 miles.

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    If a shop is your plan, go to Walmart. Here in Canada you pay close to the same as the quick lube places BUT when you leave you find a 5l jug of Mobil1 in your hatch with 2 liters in it. Every 2nd oil change @ Walmart doesn't require oil which knocks ~$40-45 off the bill. Suddenly it's a $40 change instead of $80. for folks on a tight budget this might make a lot of sense.

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