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Thread: Finally scored a set of LRR Potenza RE92 tires!

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    Finally scored a set of LRR Potenza RE92 tires!

    I've been on the lookout for a cheap set of RE92's for the Mirage for a few years now.

    My patience paid off this week!

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    $220 for this set of practically new tires on Mirage steelies.

    I picked these up from a local used car dealer that took a Mirage on trade with the winter wheels/tires on it. They sold the car, and THEN the previous owner brought in the summer wheels/tires. So the dealer posted them cheap on FB marketplace and I nabbed 'em.

    RE92 = O.G. Honda Insight OEM tire ...

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    These are the OEM tire for the first gen Honda Insight -- in the same size as the Mirage.

    Honda let its engineers go crazy, squeezing maximum efficiency out of that machine, and the RE92 was the best 14" tire for low rolling resistance at the time.

    I had one of these amazing cars for a couple of years (that's mine in the pics, in case it's not obvious). With aero mods & a few electrical mods, I was able to regularly get 100+ MPG out of it. And that was with hybrid assist disabled. (It had a worn out hybrid battery.)

    LRR tires + super slick aerodynamics meant this slippery fish would coast forever!

    Increased electric car range ...

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    I stuck a used set of RE92's on my $1000 DIY electric car too, and they made a noticeable improvement in range.

    I even did a coastdown comparison test with a bunch of different tires I had "in stock" on my fleet. The RE92's came out on top:

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    So... what rolls better, Enasaves or

    The Enasave could benefit from being a much newer tire design. But does it have less rolling resistance?

    Now that I have a set of each tire on rims, I'll do a comparison test this summer and we'll find out!


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    Wth? In your smallish town you manage to find 92's like new on rims for peanuts? Bah, humbug. J/k. good on you. test these things so we can know. I'm in the market for new tires.
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    Yeah - I was surprised as anybody that this deal turned up close to home.

    I'm looking forward to the comparison.

    I'm also eager to slap these on the car ASAP! The winter tires have terrible rolling resistance. We're probably safe from any more significant snow at this point, but if I stick 'em on today, that'll probably curse us with a massive March blizzard.

    I need a pit crew.


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    That's a good deal for tires and wheels!

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    Nice set!
    In these parts A.) rolling resistance and B.) braking quality on moist roads are posted on mandatory EU tyre labels. Sometimes tyres carry a TWI number, but thats not mandatory here.

    The difference between one roll resistance group and the next is enormous, roughly 10% difference in fuel consumption!
    That adds up to more than the price of the tyre. For folks in the States, it may be an idea to compare tyres by looking at EU labels, of course thats only possible if a certain tyre does have a EU label. It might save from making expensive mistakes.

    On the other hand, if you drive in pothole ridden areas with LRR tyres, the carcase may get damaged easier.

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    "My patience paid off this week! "
    Alton Brown from "Good Eats" TV program says "Your patience will be rewarded"

    NICE Time to setup the tire pressure sensors.
    Good luck with them and keep us posted on how the work out.

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