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    Just FYI - I speculated on that, because even in the segment I'm now involved, I have to consider and design for, "unintended abuse." It is very easy to image jumper cables put on bassackwards. Toyota engineers would do something about that foreseeable problem. Hyundai-Kia engineers would copy what Toyota did even though they may have no clue as to why Toyota did it. European engineers are too uppity to copy Toyota, and they're busy having holiday or eating tea and drinking crumpers (or sauerkraut). It's no wonder H-K cars are better than Euro-turds.
    I never actually looked at a fancy Euro car warranty, Mercedes and BMW have pretty crappy warranty's imo, especially for what you're paying. 4 year 80k km(50k mile) basic and it's pretty vague as to what's even covered. If they were built/designed to last you'd think they'd offer at least a 5 year like Ferd or Kia(canada). I guess that's why I always see 5-8 year old ones with every warning light on the dash and 42 trouble codes stored.


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    I drove my LS 460L yesterday. Probably been a month since it cranked last time. Aside from the fact that it needs tars, it cranked right up, drove as smooth as silk, no warning lights of any kind, the Mark Levinson sound system wowed me, and the car is 14 years old. But yet, somehow, a 7-Series BMW is better...


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    Back on point.

    Welcome @GarbageRaccoon

    I would count 70k miles as "low/mid" mileage for this vehicle and definitely lots of life left.

    As already mentioned, belt change is a reasonable maintenance item at that mileage. As an extra precaution - I also change all other fluids along with most all other "wear items" like brake pads/shoes/clutch/bulbs when I purchase used. I basically try to get it to where I know when the next maintenance interval is for all the items.

    Also already mentioned, the series of unfortunate events you encountered does not sound like the fault of the car. As someone who's mirage has been used to train folks to drive stick (massive amounts of stall/starts), my mirage is still on the original starter at over 120k miles; I believe the current battery (replaced once) is about or over 5yrs old.

    Hope the forum can help further!

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    I wonder, the clues make me think a complete water immersion at some point in the past, but likely fresh, not salt. With multiple electrical issues water is not out of the question.

    Does your state require a modified title for vehicles that may have been salvaged from water? The good thing is fresh water will eventually dry out and cause no further issues. A salt water immersion will cause no end of headaches and problems will continue until the corrosion is stopped. (Someone left the moonroof in my Vue wide open for two of the rainiest weeks of the summer 5 years back. NOTHING worked properly/reliably until I left the Vue in the sun with the windows cracked for a solid month. After this, it started/ran, most electrics worked & it ran roughly. Another month in the sun and everything worked fine.)

    As for warranties, even Rolls Royce abandoned their lifetime free service and complete bumper to bumper warranty sometime in the 90's or so.

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