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Thread: TIL the metal is paper thin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohammad View Post
    i wonder how thick you think the body of the plane would have to be to stop 50 cal rounds?
    No, you don't stop deuce rounds against the plane. Your tank self seals after the round passes through. That prevents your craft from becoming a flying Zippo. The 200 lb. armor plate behind the pilot will stop a 50. The rest of the plane when shot becomes a wild card, maybe a 50 kills it. Maybe it does nothing.

    Foama, I read all about the treatment in the coal Gulags where the life expectancy was 30 days. Guys would cut all the fingers off their hands to not be able to use picks to get out of a mine.

    Dirk, Japan didn't apologize to the US serviceman that were slaves until 50 years after the war. I really think if America tried an island invasion after losing 1M men the country would have freaked and demanded an end to it. It might have even been the second US Civil war.

    The way it played out was probably the best all things considered. It shocks me there are still living survivors of the atomic bombings.

    The IJN was the best air and marine combat force in the 30's and early war. Better even than GB. Bad carrier design with long open hangers that collected fumes and tore the entire ship to shreds. Their poor policies of killing their best pilots was just dumb, like Germany and Italy.

    America (+ UK) only had 175 M people in 1940 against 245 M of Japan, Germany, Italy so it's not like the US could throw bodies at the war endlessly. It's that the others wasted their best.

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