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Thread: you think the Mirage is small until you

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    you think the Mirage is small until you

    Name:  IMG_20230430_161710.jpg
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Size:  93.6 KBget your summer car from storage and park it beside the Mirage only for it to disappear in the Mirage shadow.

    It might be hard to see but the white car is 1200mm high vs 1510mm, length Mirage, 3846mm, white car, 4000mm, WB Mirage 2450mm, white car 2150mm.

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    I can't see the white car due to the purple car dwarfing it.


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    IS THAT some antique Ford Puma? Even if it's not, please post more pictures of it!! It looks like an 80's rallye car. Your garage only shows Mirages, what else are you hiding? Side Note: My BMW E30 is also smaller than my Mirage and I love it for many reasons other than that.

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