Nothing lasts forever but I should say "for the working life of the car"

In my ownership of too many vehicles to count, 90% MT, I have replaced 3 clutches. My 1970 Mustang which I drag raced. Slipping the clutch quickly behind a near 600hp @6100rpm engine in a 3500lb. vehicle tends to kill the friction surface.

My 1987 Ranger 2.8l 5MT. It was the hydraulic cylinder that caused the failure. grrr. The clutch would likely have survived till I scrapped the car. That one really miffed me, only 250,000km on the truck.

A 3.5hp Briggs powered minibike with a centrifugal clutch. At age 10 I didn't know it had a friction surface that would wear down i I did stoopid things. Even so, it took 3 years. Funny how my first real bike, a Honda 65 4 spd survived my learning to ride it.

The only people I ever knew who needed clutch replacements always, without fail, rode the clutch.